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DIY Glow in the Dark nails for Halloween

Learn how to make your own glow in the dark nails! They can glow any color of the Polish, the ability to, when the lights are low.skills: Not Required. You don’t have to paint any prior craft experience for this glow in the dark nail project.

Important note: Glow in the Dark Mod smorgasbord was discontinued in September 2018. As a substitute, you can use glow paint or Glo-Away.hi friends! This is Megan from homemade Ginger and I’m excited to share an easy way to add some flair to your nails for Halloween! Recently, I Glow discovered-In-The-Dark Mod smorgasbord, and I’m hooked.I have some glow in the dark yarn-balls, which are cute enough to go with your fall decor during the day, but turn spooky in the night.I thought it would be fun to wear the cute turned spooky idea and some of the DIY glow in the dark nail Polish! Most of the glow in the dark nail polishes in super bright or garish colors, but I love the idea of the Transformation of a normal shadow into something that glows in the night.you can a night from your normal boring manicure into something a little fun and spooky Halloween! Here’s how to this glow in the dark nails.
Glow in the Dark nail PolishFor this project you will need:Glow In The Dark Mod-hodgepodge (you can use glow paint or Glo-Away)Base Coat Nail Polish clear Top CoatNail Polish (any color will work!) First of all, you will want to paint on the primer. This only makes it all longer on the nails. After the primer is dry, paint on one or two layers of your color. After the coat has dried, add a few thin layers of Glow In The Dark Mod-hodgepodge. The more thin layers you add, the more your nails to the lights! Allow the coats to dry before adding more. You can use a hair dryer to speed up this process. Top off everything with a thin clear lacquer. Make your  nails Shine through even more, “download” you and held you up to a bright light. Then you go in the night and see your glow in the dark polish glow!

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