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DIY glitter glasses for the Best Party Ever!!!

To celebrate you can make beautiful glitter glasses with Mod smorgasbord of New year’s Eve – or any other celebration. The best part is, you can wash it!
Hello friends and Happy New year! I can’t think it’s almost 2016! Crazy.
I must say, I love that, before we focus on the resolutions and get organized, we always kick-off the new year with a party. Sylvester is one of my favorite holidays!
I love it, party decoration for the New year, so wanted to share a fun glitter-glasses-tutorial with one of my favorite Mod hodgepodge of supplies. This is the Mod collection is dishwasher safe gloss medium, and it can be easy to dishes, you turn your projects into-water-proof, dishwasher safe. So cool!
DIY Glitter glasses.
To a pair of ombre glitter glasses for your new year's eve soiree, all you need is two glasses, a silver and a gold glitter, paint brush and Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe gloss.

swipe each glass with an even layer of Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe gloss. You canyou painter use tape to block off areas that you don’t, to glitter, or cover the entire glass like I do.br> While the glue is still wet, spread an even amount of glitter throughout the glass. The medium dries very quickly, so be sure to have the glitter on quickly. I wanted to look a two-tone, so I poured gold glitter on the first, then silver.
Be sure to cover your work surface with paper towels . . . Glitter can be messy, really!
After the pour on the glitter, let your glasses at least two hours to dry completely. If your glitter is really thick, you wait over night.
If your lenses are dry, apply a generous layer of Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe Shine to your glitter. Let it dry completely, and add a second layer if you feel like you need your glasses.
That’s it! So easy. I LOVE how this glitter glasses turned out, and I think we will be back again and again. I can Shine wait’t to try out, Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe more glasses!
Happy New year, my friends. Your holidays will be hope full with family, food and fun!

note: while Natalie’s photos show the glitter to go all the way up to the glass edge, if you plan to use these, the glitter on 1/4″ at the bottom of the lip according to best practices for the Mod-hodgepodge. Thank you!!!
If you are putting glitter enjoyed on glass, you might also want to try a glitter Cup! You will learn how to do this by clicking on the image below:

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