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DIY Glitter candle holders for intrepid fixed

Use Mod collection and your favorite color, sparkles to create a glittering candle holder. To create it’s a budget-friendly way, the party atmosphere!

Hello again, Mod conglomeration of rocks readers! It’s Linda here, from burlap+blue, and I’m so happy to be here today sharing a simple way to customize plain jane candle to match your home decor or party theme. And who doesn’t have a glitter candle?

DIY glitter candle holder

Mod hodgepodge gloss
Scrapbook paper
foam brush
painter’s Band

First, a confession: I am definitely a candle person. When I saw that the candle on the top of the target the other day, I loved the fresh, spring-y scent.
but he Knew that the pink colour would not interfere with my living room decor (not this kind of thing to anyone else)?
I bought it anyway, and a couple of layers of Mod-hodgepodge later, I had an adorable candle that smelled great and matched the decor.
step 1: Cut a strip of scrapbook paper to fit around your candle. Wrapping paper would also work a lot!!!! A layer of Mod-pick-and-mix your candle, and wrap the paper around the candle, and smooth out any air bubbles as you go.
step 2: next, seal the paper with 2 or more layers of Mod-smorgasbord.
step 3: add some interest to the simple tin lid, take masking tape and tape off stripes on the top of the lid.

step 4: apply a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the lid, add some glitter and shake off the excess. Easy peasy.

And you’re done! I love how there are so many ways to customize this DIY glitter candle holder, and what a great gift idea as well.
thanks for let me today share with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog, burlap+blue! You have a nice day!

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