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DIY spice rack made from an iPad Box

Create a unique DIY spice rack without spending money! You are using a recycled box, fabric from your stash and Mod smorgasbord – the perfect Recycling craft.
Please meet Cristin from Eve of reduction! She is an absolute master in the recycled arts and crafts and turning nothing into something.
she also has a new book coming out in March called Living Simple, Free & Happy: Simplify, Declutter your home, and Reduce Stress, debt & the trash (it’s a must have!). I admire Cristin so much, and I admire this DIY spice rack that you made for us. Read more and learn how!
One of your New Year’s resolutions can be more organized. Interestingly, getting organized’t the usa.gov the most popular resolutions for the past year. But guess what came in #10: reduce, reuse, and recycling.
Hooray for that! Now, just so you know, the eve of the reduction has you covered with this recycled craft project and organization solution for your spices.
you’re going to have a small, sturdy box, preferably with a top and bottom, this DIY spice rack. I have an iPad box. Don’t fret if you don’t, the re-use of packaging of Cologne or perfume-gifts-sets, the great works, too.

DIY spice rack
Collect These Supplies

Small, flat box
the Lazy susan mechanism
4 small nuts and screws
Mod hodgepodge Matt
the applicator (brush, sponge, or even cardboard)

step 1: Place your fabric with the print side down. In the middle of the box at the top of the fabric, from top to bottom. Cut the corners out of the fabric, with the field as a guide.
tip: Make sure you have enough fabric to fold over the sides of the box. You want your fabric all set prior to the application of Mod-smorgasbord.
step 2: Carefully distribute Mod conglomeration on the outside of the box. Quickly hold the fabric to the box.
step 3: Insert the bottom of the box in the top, so the box is double, and nested on top of each other.
measure and cut a rectangle of fabric that fit the inside bottom of the box. Repeat the Mod hodgepodge of procedures to comply with the substance on the inside bottom of the box.

step 4: place the lazy susan mechanism (to be found in hardware stores for around $5) in the middle of the box at the top, which is now at the bottom of your spice rack. Punch holes through the box to insert the small nuts and bolts.
step 5: Fill with your favorite spices and place in your Cabinet.
I love the idea of re-using a box, because the short sides of the box hold the spices included, without the trouble of them falling off the shelf, the pages are short enough that you can still see which spice you’re grasping. Enjoy your DIY spice rack!

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