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DIY Get Well Care package for a loved one

You know how a fabulous well care package for a friend or family get a member who is sick or surgery. Fill it with items that you love!

do you live near your family? I live nearly 3000 miles from my parents, which is already stressful, because my father had a heart attack earlier this year. After he had a heart attack, we found out that he had a bad heart valve and open heart surgery!
Without the surgery, he wouldn’t be able to even walk on the street without gasping for air, and another heart attack would be forthcoming. We knew that it was something he had to do, even though it was scary. The Operation was scheduled for the end of April.
The surgery has made me think a lot about my father and our relationship. He was a great father, to work hard, to always make sure that his family had seven everything they needed. I remember a couple of times, especially if my father have some really special things for me.
Once, when I was seven, he confronted a group of youths who had stolen my bike. He got it back for me. Then another time, when I had to leave for college, he sent me a care package with a toy from my childhood that he found online (Fisher-price “Puzzle Puppy"). He’s always there to talk to me when I need advice, and that means a lot.
The times were simpler then, or so it seems! I’m 40 years old, and we didn’t even have a computer until I was almost graduation – and much less social media. Raising children is difficult. Social media and other external influences and pressures mothers and fathers can leave with a feeling of self-doubt about the work you do.
We know that this is the case, right?! I decided that my father knows how much I love him and what a great job he is raising me has done. With the help of Minute Maid, I would make him “Reverse-Care-package” for the time after his Operation.
During my care-package does not contain a "Puzzle-puppy," it did help some articles to recover my father and to remind him that he is still the #doingood for our family to this day.
I decorated the get well care package (instructions below), and some of his favorite things, including Minute Maid juices and drinks.
mothers and fathers will always go the extra mile for us. A reverse care package is the only way to flip the care package tradition and one of the parents show a part in your life that you are thinking of them and that you know that you #doingood.
DIY Get Well Care package
Collect These Supplies

carton box – to fit your article
acrylic paint – a color for the outside, fill one for indoor
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Scrapbook paper in various colors
punch, or clip art scissors
paint roller
items in your box!

Reduce your box (it makes painting easier) and then apply with the foam roller acrylic paint on the outside. Two coats and let it dry, and then flip and paint the other side. Let dry.
Once your box is dry, re-assemble, with colorful adhesive tape. Then the platen put to use to apply a different color of acrylic paint on the inside. Let dry.
, While the box is drying, cut shapes for the sides of scrapbook paper. If you have a die cutting machine like my Cricut, which makes it easy! Simply select the forms that you use’d like and cut them out. If you don’t a die-cutter, have no fear! You can continue to use clip art downloaded from the internet as a template for the shapes to cut out. Simply tape print to the bottom, and cut with scissors.
to Use Mod smorgasbord of Matte (or Gloss or Matt, but I took Satin) attach your scrapbook paper pieces on the box flaps.
Place the layers of paper down and let everything dry.
your box is ready and can be filled in!
unpack all the items . . . I added pajama pants, a soft blanket, my dad’s favorite snacks, Minute Maid, and toiletries he might need.
Then you close the box, sealed it with colorful tape, label, and send!
disclosure: Minute Maid, a partnership with bloggers such as me for their #doingood program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Minute Maid/Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this campaign.

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