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DIY-Luggage-Tag-from fabric (No sewing!)

If you need budget case identification quickly, this DIY Luggage tag tutorial so easy! Use scrap fabric, and it’s NO SEW!
If you are looking to meet someone who has their fair share of Luggage horror stories, I’m your girl". I’m always the one waiting when the carousel stops, and baggage passed out.
I can say’t you, how many times had you’ve to fall a special trip to me (just call me Greg Focker). Once I even had the pleasure of to my a airline attendant movement of a huge pile of Luggage, so that I dig me.
I know I sound bitter, but I know that I’m not promising! It’s all part of the magic of traveling and flying. But you can make it a bit easier on yourself by your own DIY-Luggage tag, making your bag a bit easier (especially if it’s black).
take a Look at this tutorial from Dom craftsmanship – you’ll be on the way to the airport with a fun, fabric-day, every compliment. And won’t that a fun way to start your journey? Here’s the tutorial of the Dom.

I’m Position in overseas today (yay!) and since I needed to put a new tag on my bag. Why don't you make a pretty fabric with Mod smorgasbord? You can also do this same process gift tags! Make sure you pin this one!!! You’ll thank you the Christmas season!
need a No sew Luggage tag

fabric Mod hotchpotch
- carton

step 1
Print your information on a piece of card. If you’re printer doesn’t like thick cardboard, you can handwrite your information. Draw a Form tag to your details.
step 2
Apply some fabric Mod smorgasbord on your card and glue them on the fabric. Let this to dry.
step 3
Once your piece is dry, cut the tag-line and a hole in the top.
step 4
Attach a piece of string to your day, tie it to your bag and go, you’re good!
Now I’ll be able to find my Luggage in my travels. Yeah!
Oh, and if you love the Luggage tag, you might want to try this DIY-suitcase-with photos! You can all go and nobody will Luggage your faults, I assure you. Click on the image below:

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