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DIY coat rack from a door

This DIY coat rack is so easy to make from an old Cabinet door! To personalize a Mod-smorgasbord, the favorite paper or an image of your choice.

So you remember meeting man Podger Walter last week? He’s finally here for realz, with his first project! This children’ DIY coat rack from a door fit for a child’s room, or my room, if you want.
What I love about the Man Podgers now (besides the fact that they are both amazing), that both what is certainly things to be different than I (well) and bring me something!
Walter’s peg-board is a perfect example. I think I’m get ahead of myself though; Walter’s project is so funny, and he’s got a tutorial.Let’s.
Cabinet door DIY wardrobe
to Collect These Supplies

Four buttons made of wood
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
acrylic paint – blue, white
graphics you will fit in the door
letters, spelling “ROAR” or saying of your choice
picture hanger – 2
Small rubber bumper – 2

you can get this awesome DIY coat rack with an IKEA kitchen Cabinet door and a couple of wooden buttons? That’s right, and it is so easy!
I bought this door at IKEA in the rates and axial clearance section for $2.00. This small door (15″ x 15″ ) is solid and has a nice recessed square in the middle (8″ x 8″).
Let’s get started! Arrange the four wooden buttons on the door. Once you decide where you want to be, measure and mark the pilot hole with a pencil and drill a hole.
the Next step, but is optional, lightly sand the area in the middle is decoupaged. tip: you should do this if the surface is very smooth and hard, makes for better contact!
color of the buttons of each color, I chose white. tip: (thin pins of any length, and insert them into the bottoms of the buttons, which makes the painting the controller is easy! Plug the other END of the dowel into a small block of Styrofoam to dry.)
While the knobs are drying… move to the next step. Plain white letters, found in most craft stores, I have the letters H, O, O, T for the “Hoot.” I wanted the letters correspond to the figure, so I used FolkArt (401 True Blue) color and it dries quickly. I pressed a little on my finger and smeared it over each letter.
that Once the letters ( H, O, O, T ) in a dry place, I turned to a picture of a rubber stamp on the letters “pigment inks.” This step adds an interesting Note and a dimension for every letter, also coordinates well with the figure that I designed.
you can set any image or photo for the center. I choose an illustration of an OWL that I created for the 8″ x 8″ center. You can cut the selected image and place it in the middle, to ensure that it fits Perfectly! At this point, lets do a dry fit. You place the image in the middle, buttons and letters in place. Looks good, exactly as expected!
This next step, cut the letters, one at a time. Once they dry (15 min.), the seal of the buttons. Then give yourself plenty of room for the larger piece. First, coat the middle of the door, and 2.: best you to printing the back.
Then the pressure on the middle of the door was. I use a Mod hodgepodge Brayer to eliminate air bubbles, this makes for a large contact. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes. Then you seal the image with Mod-smorgasbord.
Once the 15 minutes drying time, I’ passed,; m ready to attach the metal hanger to the back top of my DIY wardrobe. I attached the hanger at about 2″ in, on each side. Mark the holes with a pencil first, and then drill a pilot hole and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
I like to be sure and add a small rubber bumper in between each screw (see photo). Now for the last step, attach each controller (H, O, O, T), plus add a bumper to the bottom of the back, and voila! The project is complete and ready to hang!
Yay! Thank you Walter, for your great project. It has rocked. Don’t forget to visit you Walter’s Etsy shop – it’s pretty cool.

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