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DIY photo key chain for mother's Day

you Create a photo key chain that comes together in a matter of minutes (without drying time). This photo keychain is a perfect gift!

Are you ready for mother’s day? I wasn’t until recently – if I put this photo key chain! HaveI think it’s a good gift for someone who has older children, younger mothers, or fur moms. You can create a basic (like the one I made), or send it with charms and other ornaments.join me to see how easy this picture keychain-the project came together!Supplies to Make a photo Keychain:wood square cutter, drill with bits andpaper photo (laserjet Matte Mod PodgeMod hodgepodge of photo transfer medium paint brush Antiquing WaxKeychain Ringstep, 1 print). Create a ‘long’ piece of wood, ideal for your photo  key chain I have a 3″ x 3″ wood-place. You’re soft enough to cut to size with a carpet knife, X-Acto knife – you just need patience and a steel rule to guide you.
step 2. Once you are done creating your wood-right corner, sand the edges and the front and back with fine abrasive paper. step 3. You drill a hole on the top to make room for the keychain ring, and later with a drill with a small drill bit – would be the size of, relatively, how big or small your keychain ring would be. step 4. Well, it’s time for the fun part! Print out your image – don’t forget to flip it before you print. The starting point of the photo size on the size of your wood strips, in my case 1″ x 3″. step 5. You wear a thick layer of photo transfer medium to your image, and place it face down on your piece of wood. Use a brayer to push out the bubbles and reduce the image on the wood. step 6. After drying, wet the paper and carefully RUB the paper until your image shows. Be careful with rubbing the paper too much, unless you want a really aged look to your keyring. step 7. When you are finished, remove the excess paper, let’s ‘antique’ it. You can use antique wax and apply it on the edge of your keychain. step 8. With the same brush (unwashed) apply a layer of Matte Mod smorgasbord. The remaining residues of the ancient wax-mix with Matt-Mod-to create a smorgasbord to a slight sepia tinge. Make sure that the faces don’t any scattering have stains from wax or paper before it dries. step 9. Add to your keychain ring, and you're done! I’m pretty sure my sentimental mother would like to hope these photo key chains, and I think you would too! It’s something easy, simple and from the heart, that you can give for your mother or for yourself.I’m going to be making one of these DIY key chain with a photo of my furbabies too! I know my mother likes this level, so I kept me, but you can personalize in any case, also with different embellishments or charms.What do you want to day for the mother’s? know I’d love in the comments! Have fun tinkering. . . .

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