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DIY Food Picks for wedding or Party

Learn how to some incredibly cute food picks or cupcake picks! These are ideal for parties, weddings, holidays, and are reusable.

Hello friends! It’s Aki Characterized from strawberry. To make it’s fun, and unexpected, and unique kitchen and food accessories – it paves the way for sometimes interesting discussions.
This DIY food picks are an example of that – wouldn’t you want to ask, where is the host you may have this? I was some doll house accessories for my little sister, if I thought that this fabulous mod melt frames in cute food picks or cupcake picks.
I thought I would try you and see you, after all, it’s no harm in trying, right? I love the way they turned out, I'm planning to send a bunch to my sister for her cupcakes for her birthday party in a few months!
I'm pretty sure that many of your friends are going to ask where you got it. And it’s easy to use! Read the how-to.
DIY Food Picks

Mod Mold – Frames
glue gun
melt hot glue or Mod gluesticks
Spouncer and Fine-tip brush
nail scissors
hot air gun
Wide washi tape
art for the frame (download, what I here)
bamboo skewers

step 1. You press your hot glue or mod melt gluesticks on the Mod frame of your choice melt. If you are using hot glue, with a low-temp glue gun.
If you gluesticks, melt Mod to make sure that you melt a high-temp glue gun , to ensure even and easy to press together.
Wait to harden for your frame. Don’t sweat, if it doesn’t turn perfect! If you strive for perfection, you may want to use polymer clay.
step 2. Disconnect your frame from your mold. To cut, use nail scissors for the edges.
step 3. For a cleaner edge, use a hot air gun to slightly melt the edges of the frame (bursts, about 5 second or so). Do not concentrate the heat on the frame too much because it will melt and stick to the surface you are using.
step 4. You paint your images – it’s best to use a new color (still ongoing), and spounce as few times as possible. Paint two coats for full coverage.
Use a detail brush to the corners and angles of the frame. To ensure full insurance coverage, select a darker color over a lighter. Make sure that the color on the back as well.
step 5. Print out your ‘art’. I made a few that’s to download in the supply list (linked), but you can make your own as well.
you measure the inside of the frame, and add about 0.1 cm bleed all round ensure that their kind fits just right on the frame.
If you are with me, print it out in scale 1:1. The top three are for the rectangular frame, and the bottom two are for the round.
step 6. Glue or stick your ‘art’ on the back of the frame.
step 7. Cut your skewer down to size using your knife. You can also use food picks or toothpicks.
step 8. You attach your choice with hot glue, or use washi tape for a less permanent option. And you are done!
love how fun and elegant they look! Perfect for a tween or teen party, or even as a wedding food picks – don’t you think so? For more DIYs, don’t by my blog and forget to stop, or follow me on social media! Happy crafting, friends!
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