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DIY flower pot Perfect for mother's Day

This Mod conglomeration of DIY flower pot is a great mother’s Day gift for moms and grandparents alike – and also a great centrepiece!would br> Hello, all! To create it’s Linda, from burlap+blue, here with another simple, artisanal, and creative way, with a Mod-smorgasbord – a DIY flower pot! Spring’t officially here yet, but spring holiday in my head-especially Easter and mother’s day!
This decoupage, DIY flower pot is a great mother’s Day gift for moms and grandparents alike, and is also a delightful Easter gift or centerpiece would.
Here’s how to make a custom photo planter using decoupage medium and your own photos!
DIY flower pot with photos
This will Collect Supplies

Mod hodgepodge gloss
foam brush
Terra Cotta pot
hot gun
Spray Primer-adhesive (optional)

step 1: I began with white spray painting my planters, but this is absolutely voluntary! To your photos with Photoshop or other photo editing software (I know most can do this!), you can take your images and change their size.
just below the edge of my planter, the bottom was about 3″. I wanted two rows of photos, so I was the size of my photos 1.5″ high, 1″ wide. I have 20 photos in the size, and also converted them to black and white (also optional). Print your photos on glossy paper.
step 2: Cut your photos, and cut them to your planter. This lasted for a few minutes, so you may want to do this in front of an episode of your favorite show (I mod podged to Parenthood and the time flew by!)
you’re halfway there!
step 3: Once you leave, your photos are decoupaged let down, allow to dry and seal it with three thin layers of Mod-hodgepodge, to be sure each layer completely dry before adding the next. Use Mod smorgasbord or hot glue to attach a length of ribbon around the edge of your planter.
step 4: For a final touch, add a bow to your planter! You take a length of ribbon and hot glue the two ends (see picture above). Press the center of the belt together in the middle and secure with another drop of glue on it (second picture above).
Take a small length of ribbon, wrap it around the middle, and hot glue it in place (third picture above). You take your final bow and attach it to your planter.
And that’s it! Your DIY flower pot is complete. Add a plant, a gift to give, and someone’s day!
thanks for making me share my DIY-photo-planter with you all today! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog, my facebook page, on pinterest or on twitter! You have a nice day!
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