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DIY flower holder of Drain parts

Turn-plastic-graduate outflows from the hardware store in the fun of DIY flower holder – and you can also use them as candle platforms.

The really fun part of what I need to do is let go of to see loose in Home Depot, what can I come up with. Sometimes I go with a plan and sometimes I wander through the aisles until something jumps at me.
So I was reviewing the plumbing, when I came across a series of PVC drainage. They come in graduated sizes and I stood in the aisle stacking and unstacking them like a wedding cake, until I had an idea. Actually, I had two ideas! And the is born, like this DIY flower and candle holder was.
DIY flower holders
For this project you will need:

Three tiered plastic sewer (cost - $$1.25-$3.50)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
graph paper
sanding paper or a sander (optional)
Spray paint
glue – I don't have E-6000
utility knife

The outflows have raised lettering on them that I was keen on so I took it out of ground. It only took a couple of quick passes with my handheld sander.
then I ness every drain a layer of heirloom White spray paint to just cover your plastic. I cut my decorative paper into strips sized so that the side of each drain.
And mounted my paper, smoothing the wrinkles as I went. After it dried, I trim it all flush with the edge.
For the durability, once everything was totally dry-I haveAfter that dried it was easy to attach the drains to each other via a thin bead of the E-600.
was My original idea, as decorative lighting on a table. I slipped a battery operated tea light underneath. The light that made it through the sewer system, a large pattern . . . unfortunately I'm not skilled enough photographer to figure out how to take the picture.
So, we move on to the idea of 2.
flower stems neatly fit down through the holes to create a simple, fun, and different table decoration. If the paper is coordinated in a red, white and blue color scheme might be a fun in addition to a 4. Of July celebration!

go To the flowers, I only have a small bowl of water under the ground.
The drains come in larger sizes, so that you could scale this project to fit your needs. I think there are a lot of fun possibilities with this, and I would really like to see what people come up with!

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