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DIY family the heart to meet with a Rustic Flair

Make a DIY family is at the heart meeting, your collection is beautiful! Looks perfect with a rustic or farmhouse décor style.
I’m a Mod patchwork photo transfer medium binge! After my Breakfast tray project last month, my mind startedMy Etsy shop and blog are pretty much all at home, family and memories. I hit on this idea for a family heart to meet (this could also be used for an anniversary, wedding, unique living culture . . . so pretty much everything).
I thought it was a fun way to celebrate a family’s history, with names, addresses, wedding dates etc. I have it, I liked it, and photographed it. Then, as so often, I thought, “Wait! I've got a better idea!!”
And when I started on the better idea, all of a sudden I realized, “Wait! I could make it so!!”
So is the nature of my creative process.
The Problem is that in this case, my creative process, a period had. So, what follows is a tutorial on how I made my families-the union of heart, along with tips on how to extend it to your own version.
At the end of this post, there’s a brainstorm of other variations that I hope you enjoy. This project would be great with a rustic or farmhouse decor – and after the reunification, a beautiful decoration piece makes it. Here’s how it was made!br>DIY family heart

4×6 piece of wood cut to meet, to 36 cm long
2″ Forstner bit (to make it a candle holder) or a 7/8-inch Spade Bit (for cone)
wood stain
Flat white color
Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
drilling machine
Laser copy prints of the family-name
glass candle holder (from Ikea or Pier One) or tapers
Roller/brayer (optional)
Router (completely optional)

I gussied up the edges of my wood with a quick pass with my router, but I realize everyone has these kind of tools, so it’s a very optional option.
step 1: After determining where I wanted to go with my tea lights (math!), I used the 2″ Forstner bit and my drill to drill the holes (alternatively, you can use a spade Bit, if you rejuvenated wanted to, instead of tea lights).

security: terminal or clamp the piece of wood to your work table before you take a drill and eye protection!
TIP: To make sure you drilled all the candle holes to the same depth, mark the bit with a piece of masking tape and drill to that level at any time.

step 2: I lightly stained the edges and top of the wood, and then painted the whole piece with flat, white latex paint. Once this was dry I sanded the edges and top for a slightly aged look.
step 3: I my text to fit on legal size paper (14″ long by 3″ high) using the Word Art feature in MSWord. With WordArt you can resize and move the text around, every layout you’d like.
mixed font types and styles, and once I had everything to my taste, I opted for “horizontal” on the layout menu and flipped all the words backwards. I then printed this on normal paper legal-size paper with a laser printer.
It took several pieces of paper, all the way to the heart piece, and I had different design for each piece – here is an example of how it looks before and after I flipped it:
you can do, what kind of design you like on your family celebration center. Mine above is just for the inspiration!
step 5: I put a good layer of Mod hodgepodge Transfer on the face of the wood, then my paper put on the top. A good transfer I used my fingers and the roller to press the paper down into the medium.

step 6: After it dry over night, I have the paper sucked with a damp cloth and RUB it. I used the transfer medium because, as you can see, although it remains a thin layer of paper, you can see the wood and the texture of the wood.

And it was time to get the party started.

As I mentioned, I came up with a couple of other ideas for this family meeting center.

Here is the version with the Taper rather than tea-lights:

I it would be cool to use the same technique, but on a medium-sized flower pots rather than wood. Each pot could gifts be designated to a particular branch of the family-and then they could be take-home. OR, perhaps, small flower pots at each place with the person’s family name is presented.
you could do the same with smaller blocks. Put them together in the middle of the table, to the heart, and then, when the party is over, everyone gets a home.
The idea also works for the wedding table settings or rehearsal dinner favors.

I hope that this sparks make some ideas for your next family. And, as always, I will monitor the comments, so if you have any questions, fire away!
I mentioned blocks as the option above, and I wanted to decor this simple wedding blocks, could also be adapted for any type of occasion. Just click below to get the tutorial:

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