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DIY Confetti vases From bottles

Please recycle your old coke bottles in the DIY confetti vase – all you need is a little spray paint and Mod-hodgepodge. This craft is so easy!

Sometimes you have bottles of a collection of old Cola-that you know aren’t, what to do with. Since the bottle was emptied and you could technicallyseen you put it in the trash, but for some reason, you are just too beautiful to throw away.br>That’s how I felt about the shape of these bottles, so I had to turn it into something . . . and vases, seemed to me to be exactly the right thing. So I threw a little confetti and decoupage medium to the mixture, and the result?
DIY confetti vase. Yes, you heard me!
Confetti vases from bottles
I love, love, love these vases. They are so easy, and can be used to indicate the color of the flowers, real or fake. Wrong’t they fun? And they add such a colorful touch to my festive spread. Here’s what I do:

White spray paint
Old Coca-Cola bottles
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Confetti, size of your choice

It doesn’t get easier than painting the bottles white and Mod Podging confetti around the center. You just work an inch or two at a time, add the Mod-smorgasbord, the center band and the bottle, place the confetti on top. Go around all the way, dry coat on, and then a top. That’s it!
The only warning is, not to paint, to bleed the confetti too often – the dye begins. Other than that, you are golden! This may not be my easiest tutorial yet.

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