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DIY Confetti balloons for a Colorful Celebration

If you want the colorful look of confetti as part of your celebration, try these DIY confetti balloons. To make it’s simple and cheap!

Hi! Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated!
that the confetti balloons are one of my favorite party decor elements, but they’s really: should be filling balloons with confetti an Olympic sport!
So, why not add confetti to the outside of a balloon, where it really Shine? And I’ve got the 411 on how to do just that! You’ll love these confetti balloons DIY.

DIY Confetti balloons

balloons (already filled with helium or normal air, if you want to don’t that they float)
Extreme Glitter Mod-hodgepodge
sponge paint brush

The confetti balloons DIY concept is super simple: add a little Mod-smorgasbord on the bottom of the balloon, sprinkle on some confetti, and let them dry.
BUT be careful — the balloon is still floating (if you’re with helium), you only need a super light sprinkle of confetti! If you have a light dusting too much, it is going to be hard, so best.
But the good news know? Even if you go a little overboard with the confetti and the balloon ends up being too difficult, you can still let them roam on the floor for a festive atmosphere.
Or you can hang them upside down from the ceiling, kind of like a confetti balloon chandelier! (Lemons into lemonade and all that jazz. No confetti balloon wasted!)
to view This confetti balloons are so fun and pretty! And imagine, the various balloons/confetti color combos you can dream up.
We have tons of pre-made confetti options in our confetti store and if you want something special, we can also make custom confetti.
you Want to even more confetti fun? Check out our blog (such as this post on the super-rad party game, Confetti-Pong), and we would also love to see you around Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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