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DIY Christmas bowl Makes a cool centerpiece

Learn to make a DIY Christmas bowl with newspaper and fabric! This is a perfect simple centerpiece. Fill you to view it with cinnamon scented pine cones.
skills Required: beginner. This Christmas bowl centerpiece is easy, even if they have done haven’t a lot of crafting. It can be a little messy, so make sure that the cover your surface well. The results are pretty cool!

We’ve made a lot of bowls with Mod smorgasbord around these parts! If I look back in the archives, we’ve got shells made of doilies, confetti, faux leaves, carnival tickets, and even magazines. Which goes to show, you can really nothing to make a bowl out of.
How to fabric pieces.
you will be surprised that the newspaper and a balloon are also involved in this DIY-Christmas-bowl. If you learn the method you used to make a bowl, you can use the same idea with a variety of finishes and materials.
Generally speaking, you’re using the balloon as a form and make a “papier-mâché” style bowl with newspaper and Mod-hodgepodge. It’s not nearly as fancy as some papier-mâché projects, but we don’t like Rum roll here, do we? More like budget-friendly and good-looking!
Before we jump into the instructions for the project, I wanted to go over a couple of frequently-asked-questions/thoughts, so you are well prepared, this Christmas bowl. To jump if you’re ready to roll over just in the next sections.

type of fuel
you’ll want to use something cotton or cotton-poly for this project. Before I decoupage fabric, I always make sure to wash it and dry it without fabric softener. It’s important to do this so that you don’t get stains on the fabric (some dark areas).
Not recommended for this project: tulle, satin, felt, oilcloth, or something with a plastic coating.
type of Mod-Use hodgepodge to
Good news – you can just! about any Mod collection that you would like on this project We choose with Mod-hodgepodge Mat to the bowl and then Mod Glitter hodgepodge as a final coating.
you might be wondering why I use didn’t Stiffy for this project. You could definitely! But then all you would do is you place the fabric directly on the balloon – no newspaper. This is just a different technique, since some people want to use what you have on hand (and you have to Mod smorgasbord!).
preparing for the Dry time is
Keep in mind, this project will finish more than a day, just because of the drying time. The newspaper must go pretty saturated with Mod hodgepodge and that’s going to take a while to dry (over night).
Are you ready to jump into the project? Learn how to make a DIY Christmas bowl below!
you have to Collect to Make a Christmas bowl centerpiece
it Supplies

balloons (1 per bowl)
Cup (hold the balloon while Mod Podging)
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod hotchpotch of Sparkle (optional)

Blow up a balloon for each bowl you want, and blow it to the size you want the bowl.
Glue the ribbon end into a plastic Cup. Here’s a tip: Use a lemon or other piece of fruit to down-weigh your Cup!
you Tear strips of newspaper about two inches wide and six inches long. You don’t
apply a thick layer of mod-smorgasbord, the balloon, whereby the shape of the bowl on the balloon.
Paint you a page of the newspaper strips, with Mod-hodgepodge. Starting at the top of the upside-down balloon, start adding the stripes with a criss-cross pattern.
the end of the balloon and work will Begin on the bound. You go as far as where you want the upper edge, make the strips a little longer, as you build the layers. This is the upper edge of the bowl is a little stronger.
After the three layers have been added, let your Christmas bowl over night to dry. Add three more layers, the different length of the strip, and ends with the long strip. Cover the entire bowl with Mod smorgasbord and let them dry over night (or at least as long as it takes to dry!).
Pop the balloon, remove the pieces and throw them away. The inside of the shell is very smooth!
Select compliments Christmas fabrics and cut or tear a strip three inches wide and six inches long (approximately).
Start by painting a liberal amount of Mod smorgasbord on the wrong side of the fabric strip. Line the inside of the bowl, newspaper, working from the bottom inside to the top.
to Place the strip over the edge of the bowl and fold to the outside of the bowl. If the top edges are covered, give the inside a final coat of Mod collection and the end of the coating of the lip of the Cup. Let it dry for about 12 hours.
With a vase or tall candlesticks, they return to allow the bowl to the vase-application of fabric strip on the outside. Cover the entire bowl. If you’re done, apply a layer of Mod-pick-and-mix around the outside of the entire bowl and let it If the lip of the shell is not hard enough, you can add a hodgepodge of more strips on the top edge in a random manner, and cover with another layer of Mod. Let that dry – I promise’s the last to dry!
unless, of course, you want to, add some Glitter Mod smorgasbord. But then you'll just have to let that dry for a couple of hours or so.
I’m sure you’ve realized that you can DIY the means shell out any fabrics that you like, you can make one for each season or holiday. I would like one for Halloween! Until the next year . . . now I’m just enjoy this Christmas bowl with the cinnamon-scented pine cones in. It's the perfect heart power!
Have you ever tried a dish like that? To listen to I’d love to share your experiences and tips in the comments!

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