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DIY centerpiece: Mini-stool

This mini-stool turned DIY centerpiece is so cute! And you can do it hodgepodge be individual, any pattern you like with paper and high-gloss Mod -.

Mod hodgepodge Walter recently an outdoor antique show attended and were inspired to create this fancy little footstool that works as a DIY centerpiece. I love the story!

I recently took at the Brimfield Outdoor Antique Show in Brimfield, Mass. I didn't want to see Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren,’s people, celebrities or HGTV crew on opening day this year.
Maybe, because it was raining? Grace Bonney of Design Sponge has you visit on the last day of the event. Check out her blog for some great finds, you bought!
The little bit of rain poured, that doesn't stop me and many others on our quest for the treasures of the past. I came at lunch and it started to rain lightly – and before you know it, it's 4 o'clock was in the afternoon and it rained hard!
and I got to see only about 1/16th of the show . . . it is impossible to see everything! Despite the weather I had a great old time and acquired a lot of inspiration.
Wallpaper Has a number of first edition Little Golden Books, ephemera and vintage. As a matter of fact, the Wallpaper, which I bought, is the same paper I used for this project (don’t how much I paid for it)!
At one point I was on a visit to a tent with many vintage stool crazy money. It was a woman, to buy the wanted a similar stool, and her husband said, “I can do that.”
The woman said, “they say that all the time and you never produce”. . . and you paid smile for your precious mini-stool, and went with a big ol’. That's how I came up with the idea to this project to create.

It was from a piece I oak had, leaning against the wall to wait in my studio to be transformed!

There are a lot of plans for foot stools out there. Just Google “Stool Plans.” I made this with no plans – I eyeballed it.
step 1: I bought a 30″ length x 5″ width oak Board.
step 2: I cut two 6 1/4″ pieces from the 30″ Board, and left me with two pieces for the feet and 17 1/2″ Board of Directors for the tip.
Then I cut a triangle out of the bottom two pieces – this will give the finished piece stability when on a flat surface. For the sides, I used two 17 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ pieces as braces.
step 3: All the parts were primed with Kilz and then coated with a thick layer of white paint.

step 4: I decoupaged each piece with my vintage Wallpaper. Tip: I have a X-Acto knife to cut the paper.
step 5: I marked the rails where I wanted to attach the top piece, then used a drill bit slightly smaller than the wood screws I planned to use. I have a dry, in order to ensure that any message.
step 6: Start the installation now. First of all I attached the side rails to the underside of the top Board. You have options for the legs: you can use brackets with a right angle as in the picture OR I chose to screw from the side strut of the with a battery hand drill.

Now, the piece is fully assembled! I then took a small piece of 100-grit sandpaper and wrapped it around a wood block and sanded all the edges. The transformation was exactly what I was looking for – a vintage worn look, shabby cottage chic! Seal the item, if you choose to. I didn't let me.

Put some candles on top and a DIY centerpiece is born! This mini stool makes a chic accessory in a French provincial kitchen.
Put some of your favorite spices on top. Or use it outside for a beautiful centerpiece. I love it outside to eat!
remember to embrace your creativity; there is no wrong way to something like this. Happy Summer!
Visit Walter on his blog, his Etsy shop, Twitter or Pinterest.

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