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DIY Candy Cane holder with Sparkle

I just love Christmas decor – and when I found this wooden container with a Christmas tree cutout, I knew I had to it

I’m from the school of thought that everything has a place, including the wonderful white and red sticks as candy canes. To be the shelf life for this puppy for a million years seems to be here, and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but candy canes are now in some imaginative flavors.like me on the Spree, love. I like to have them to nibble on during the holidays, so that I cane thundered this candy holder.  Now, when people come to my Desk, you can try to grab a candy cane before I beat your hand. Ha!Just kidding. It’ except when;s the last. Here’s how I made these candy cane holders, and there was a little sparkle.attention newbies – I think you will like this. There is no paper involved, so that you can practice.candy-cane-holderCollect These Supplieswood container – to me, a pre-cut tree had in him.  How lucky is that?Mod hodgepodge gloss folkart Extreme Glitter – hologram folkart acrylic colors – citrus Green, Kelly Green, Soft-AppleWood-ball feet – four, that 3/4″Stencil tape, 3/4″paint brush craft glue
Paint your balls (sorry, I’m laughs) with Soft Apple. The great thing about these small wood balls is that they have pre drilled holes in the bottom, so you can touch it firmly on the end of a chopped-up dowel rod and painted it without them. Beautiful, isn't it? Completely, you can paint your wood surface with the lighter color and allow to dry. You are likely to be two to three layers of need. Use your stencil with masking tape to create stripes. You can measure if you like – I eyeball it usually. So, what I’m saying is, the stripe look just for me, but not to someone else.Once you have the tape in place, paint the darker color for the stripes. Pull the tape immediately and let dry. Work one side at a time. Paint the entire base with the darker color. to Glue the feet to the base of the container and let it dry. Paint the entire container with Mod-hodgepodge; give two or three layers. Let dry. accent the darker strip with hologram Extreme Glitter. Use a thinner brush and paint a coat. Let it dry and you’ll have just the ticket you want people to love your candy-stick'm.
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