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DIY Cake Pop stand for the holidays

Learn how to this DIY cake pop stand out of a wooden plate, vintage-Christmas-graphics and Mod-hodgepodge. It’s really easy and the perfect party display!

Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road.Every year I throw a big holiday-Dessert-Party. To do it’s one of my favorite things – tons of great friends and, of course, a chance for me to dinner a lot of parts of my favorite desserts!this year is no exception, and I’m happy. I’ve been building my list of recipes and ideas on Pinterest and try to get things done as far in advance as possible, so I can relax and enjoy the season.I always try to make each dessert is only a nibble and cake pops are always a big hit.In the past few years, I just stuck them in some Styrofoam, covered it with fake snow for a festive look, and called it a day, but it was a bit chaotic as the evening began to fall.So, this year I thought I’d bump it up a notch and create a DIY cake pop stand for the cake pops (or anything else I could stick on a stick – in the last year I’mores on the sticks – I highly recommend s’mores on sticks!)Anyway. I collected provided me.
DIY Cake Pop standA square wooden Board from Michael's (painted white)scaled A print from a vintage Christmas graphics, the size of the plaque (the graphics Fairy is great for the)Matte Mod-hodgepodge (not shown)Hard-Coat Mod PodgeFoam brush, sand paper, painters tape (not pictured)electric drill and bit size, the popsicle stick dimensionsI painted the plaque and left it to dry before Mod Podging my prints in place with Matte Mod smorgasbord.While the dried, I have a simple grid, to me, in the drilling of the holes for the cake pop  sticks. I just did a “X” in the middle, and then the distribution of the squares held out, until I placed a good number of evenly intersections. If the decoupage  the image had dried thoroughly, I went back and gave the edges a light sanding to both add a little of distress and also to remove all the extra paper.

Then I sealed the entire image with a Hard-Coat Mod-hodgepodge (so it would be easy to clean after the party)If the Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord had, thoroughly to dry, the I points with adhesive tape my grid over the image, and drilled at the intersection. tip: the depth of each hole is the same, I used to drill a piece of masking tape on the drill bit, so I’T know when to stop and every time.And I was done!A Holiday-Party-project beat. Now I need to go to a Costco to buy the size of bag of sugar, and I’m all set! I hope that you two are my DIY cake pop tutorial. I have a few other ideas for the party, and decoration in General, up my sleeves, so please check-in to follow in on the Cheltenham Road blog and my progress.have A great thanksgiving to all!David

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