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DIY cake plate from a Thrift store Find

Learn how to make a DIY cake plate from thrift store materials and basic hardware. You can also disassemble easily, to save these!
Hi! It’s David from Cheltenham Road.
to be Running Cheltenham Road my own, small, handmade business has a variety of challenges and one of them, such as my products at craft shows.
this DIY cake plate, you’begin ll need you with some basic craft, as well as some tools.


A great pie pan from the thrift store
A $1.00 wooden plaque from Michael's
Two 1/2″ Sanitary flanges and a connecting piece of
gift wrapping paper
Off White Spray paint
E6000 glue
Matt Mod-hodgepodge (not shown)
Hard layer of Mod hotchpotch
Small piece of scrap wood
foam brush
Sharp craft knife
(Optional ) drill

The whole project came together very quickly, but there are to wait a lot to dry things, so that I can advise you with snacks on hand!
from below in the pie-pan on my gift paper:
and then Matt Mod-hodgepodge, smooth out bubbles as I went. Once dried had thoroughly I cut off all the excess paper and sealed the whole thing with three layers, the Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord – sanding between coats to build a nice, shiny surface.
dried up During the Mod-hodgepodge, I used the spray paint to coat the ring of the cake pan, the wood plaque and the piece of scrap wood.
After all, the was dried (see what I mean about the drying time), I attached the flanges to my DIY-cake-plate. You went to the top of the wood plate:
and the other was on the piece of scrap wood. (A drill is handy here for the pre-drilling your screw holes)
then follow the instructions on the E6000 I glued the tart pan base to the tart pan ring:
and (even, had . . . dried!) I laid back with the E6000, the piece of wood at the bottom of the cake pan base.
together, screw it all, and you’ve got yourself a cupcake-delivery-system! (or a craft-show-display-Element – your choice).

And if you’re done, simply screw the connection tube and you have a beautiful, clean, Shop-able cake stand for the next time:

notes and thoughts:

I had to play around a little with the Fitting to ensure that the with straight angles – test the ones you buy before you buy it to ensure that's all very well screwed together,
I didn’t a colour you wanted at the very bottom of the cake pan, but you could easily, if.
pretty much the same procedure, but flip the tart pan on, if you want to didn’t, that the edge or the ring-to-face. The could also design a beautiful “framework” to the mod-podged.
The Bingo paper is from the paper tray. You could use scrap paper or anything that is liked.
Yes, I ate all the cupcakes. These are the kind of sacrifices I need to make.

As always, I will monitor the comments, if you have any questions or if something wasn’t clear.
thanks very much!

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