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DIY Cabinet Makeover-the Easy way!

In this DIY archive project, we’ll show you to do the easy way, a tag with scrapbook paper! This Cabinet makeover is SO cute.
skills Required: intermediate. I would say that this project adds at the bottom of the middle category. To paint, it’s simple, a closet (with my tips). BUT whether you’re using larger sheets of paper, or trying to piece together smaller sheets to cover the fronts of the drawers, you’ll want to experience. OR a lot of patience. Or both. It’s really not *that* is hard, but I want to make sure that you are frustrated, get don’t.
Don’t forget to get a scroll down of the bottom of the post to a video of the process in action!

"project" with the kind permission of Cathie and Steve, Plaid craft
As many of us have an old filing Cabinet around? I know, I know. I actually have in my craft room now, it was sitting there, ripe for a makeover. I’m excited to share my process for a DIY archive today, and also share a cool wood file Cabinet makeover from Cathie and Steve at the same time.
At the end of this post, you’re going to have the confidence you need to have your own makeover. It’s not as hard as you think! If you would like to read my tips, this section follows – otherwise simply scroll down to see the end of, the video of the DIY Cabinet is in progress.

preparation of a wood Cabinet
I’ve got a ton of detailed instructions in my article “so prepare furniture for Mod ragbag”, which should be helpful for you. In General, you’ speak;to want to re go, remove all hardware, clean the dirt, and then sand to prepare your piece, it is for the Mod Podging.
If your closet is made of wood, you don’t necessarily paint to prime before you paint (if you choose to). Having said that, the used of this project, black chalk paint, the large cover. If you want to turn off the Cabinet a lighter shade, I would primer it.

How to Paint a file Cabinet
It’s no rule that says you have to paint your Cabinet before Mod Podging it. Technically, you clean your metal or wood filing Cabinet for your Cabinet makeover could be, and you can add paper or fabric directly on the surface with a hodgepodge.
If it’s in my DIY archive-project, I’m probably going to paint a matching color on the paper or the cloth, I’m. I did that with my upcycle-table, as well as with my endtable makeover. That’s just how I roll – I like the color, so if I have to I will it in one piece.
If you would like to paint you Cabinet your files, here’s what I would advise you, either based on metal-or wood-surface:
Metal – I always prime first with Rust-oleum painter’s Touch 2X primer. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this product, so I stick with what works for me. This primer forms a tight bond with the metal and works on metal, wood and plastic.
After I prime with the Rust-oleum, I let it dry and then spray paint the metal with the color of my choice. Then I let that dry and Mod hodgepodge of my fabric or paper on top. You can absolutely Mod-hodgepodge on top of spray paint – I’ve done it many times.
wood – I feel like I have a lot more opportunities with wood cabinets in terms of color, since the wood is porous and takes color much better without the scratch. Like I said, if I’m with a lighter hue than the Cabinet, I’ll be prime.
used chalk, acrylic craft paint, and chalkboard paint fairly regularly on wooden surfaces, and they all work great. The key is that you are looking for a acrylic paint in comparison to a latex paint. Latex paint doesn’t work well with Mod-smorgasbord.
Mod hodgepodge formula
In this project, Cathie and Steve using the Mod-hodgepodge furniture formula. It comes in three designs – matt, Glossy and Matte. Mod hodgepodge of furniture set from Plaid (the manufacturer), if it’s still in some stores until it is sold out. If you can find#8217;t use Mod smorgasbord of Hard coat with a purple label. It’s the same.
tips for the paper
do you have a few options for the application of paper in your DIY-archive-project. Let’s to you check below.
scavenger/cutouts – In the video you’ll see that Cathie and Steve using excerpts from the scrapbook paper Mod smorgasbord. This is the easiest method to avoid wrinkles, and you have much more control over your design.
put Together – a Different method of scrapbook paper sheets and then piece them together in the fronts of the drawers. The trick here is to ensure that you have plates with a design, to see the continue from one side to the other, or you’re going, the paper seams.
A Large sheet of – If you’re going to use a large plate on the front of the drawer, you’re likely to end up with gift paper or something a little more thin (because of the’s what usually comes in sheets). In this case, you’ll want to fog the paper as I use for my DIY wardrobe. This helps it be easier without wrinkles.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the project? Let’s go!
DIY filing Cabinet Makeover
Collect These Supplies

wood file Cab
FolkArt Home Decor chalk, Rich Black
FolkArt chalkboard Paint to cover Black
Mod hodgepodge Of furniture, formula, Satin
paper or cloth, the fronts of the drawers
utility knife
sandpaper (optional)

The General steps are as follows:
1. Remove hardware and set it aside. Clean your closet; to remove sand and dust. Fill in all the holes.
2. Prime your Cabinet with paint, the following tips outlined in the image above. Let dry.
3. To fit, you cut your paper to the fronts of the drawers. Mod-smorgasbord, the paper for the drawers and let them dry. Give your Cabinet with several layers of Mod-pick-and-mix to seal and protect it.
4. Add additional color or embellishments, you’T like – for example, chalkboard paint on the sides, ribbon, buttons, glitter, etc.
5. You replace the hardware.
you will Find this DIY Cabinet makeover-in action in the video below! Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video, and Cathie and Steve will show you how it’s done:

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Oh, and just for fun, here’s a metal filing Cabinet is adorned makeover. See? The possibilities with Mod-hodgepodge are endless!

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