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DIY Bean Bag Toss: the Best Outdoor games!

Inspired by my childhood, I have a DIY bean bag toss game with sound cups and a printable. This bean bag game is easy to assemble and you will have a blast!skills Required: beginner. You’re color, cut, a printable, and apply the printable terra cotta pot saucers with glue. Very easy. I grew up in a family of five children, and we used to be thrown around to get outside in the summer. "Go play!" (my mother would say . . . so we made a lot of games, rode bikes and took walks by the lake. Now that I think about it,’t actually a lake, but it was to drain a huge reservoir for the surface. It seemed big at the time :0I have always loved to be outside with my brothers, and we had a couple of games, our favorites. One of them threw tennis balls in the bucket and give us "points", depending on the bucket, we were able to achieve with the balls. Inspired by the childhood game, I've got me a DIY bean bag toss with clay pot saucers and a printable.This bean-bag-game is SO easy to assemble, and they are having a blast in a few minutes! Children can contribute to this, before you play. play, with as many people as you want to be able to>but I find this bean bag toss game is the most fun when you play with two people in the round. You can bracket a tournament, if you like!Make your Own seatI bags bought bean bags because my sewing machine was in the shop at the time I wanted my complete bean bag toss game. My sewing machine had been available, I would’ve made them myself out of cotton duck material (available at Jo-to save Ann or a similar fabric). The bean bags that I bought 5″ x 5″ squares – although obviously “regulation” - seat bags 6″ x 6″ square.A yard of cotton duck material makes about 20 bean bags on 6″ x 6″ and you’ll probably want a few different colors, so that scoring can easily keep track to. You’ll cut squares 1″, the increase is larger than you want your finished bags and use a double-stitch or zig-zag around you.Each bag should contain about 1-3/4 Cup of corn weigh between 15-16 oz, the regulation for the cornhole. So Yes, you can use these bean bags with cornhole, as well!figure> storing your Bean Bag gameThis DIY bean bag toss game with Mod-smorgasbord in the Free. I mention in the instructions that it is the better choice, if you want your bean-bag-game last year.The only Problem is that I think the Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor sometimes remains tacky for quite a while (due to curing), particularly in humid environments.I recommend the use of a spray or a brush on sealer over the top, if you want the bean bag game can be stacked, for storage.If you want to have this game in the sun, use Outdoor Mod smorgasbord, and then a UV-resistant or brush on sealer. So the sun won’t fade your project.Are you ready to learn how to this DIY bean bag toss game? Keep reading! DIY-Bean-Bag-gameCollect These Suppliesprinters and paperBean bag throw printable get it hereClay pot saucers – 8", five or six (if you want to use the 100 point value!)Spray paint – white scissors spray glue and/or Mod smorgasbord of outdoor paint brush beanbags in different colours (I bought these) Protect your work surface and place your clay saucers below. Evenly spray with paint and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. Turn over and repeat. Continue to do this until they are in their cups evenly covered on both sides and allow to dry. Remember to always spray in a well ventilated area!of Course if you have acrylic paint color on the hand, you are welcome to use it, you can use these saucers. Honestly, I’m told, because, as a painter, varnisher. I don’t have the patience that comes with the use of spray paint, so the latex paint! You can use a multi-surface or outdoor version.tip: paint six saucers, if you want to try the 100-points-value – in addition to the 10-50 option. you can Print the included bean bag toss printable presentation on paper (which is more durable), then cut out the circles with scissors. I have point values of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100. Work for a number and saucer at a time, coat the back side of the paper with a light layer of spray glue. Smoothing the figure at the bottom in the saucer until he fully complied with. Repeat with the other numbers.To make a durable DIY bean bag toss game, is the last year to year to keep their pay to the same as described under cups with Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor as I do. If you worry, don’t, if you use the game lasts more than a season, regular Mod smorgasbord or spray adhesive are in order.DIY bean bag toss game with Mod smorgasbord of Outdooryou Take your DIY bean bag toss game outside and apart place the cups as far as you want – you will notice that to play it quite a fun challenge and you will have a blast. I played with my neighbors and we all go a little competition! It was hilarious.How do you know a bean-bag-gameIf you like this game, bean bag, let me know in the comments. Also don’t forget to let me know who won ;D

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