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DIY balloon backdrop for a Party

You'll learn how to create this fun, sequin balloon background with just a few accessories – use this idea for any celebration you have!

Hey guys, Lindsay from Frenchie here again with a fun party DIY that will save you a few coins! I love all the beautiful photo scenes to see I’m lately, so I thought I’d try it with some of my favorite sequins from Hazel and Ruby. This balloon backdrop is perfect for any celebration, you’re planning on this year.
I started with the basics and added what I needed from there. I had to really only buy two things because I hadCollect These Supplies

Hazel and Ruby sequins tubes (for me, the gold and pink were colours, but are also available in green)
foam brush
washi tape
white sheet of paper, or on the wall!

, Because I blog, I have a 3X5,′ white background anyway so used that I we have on this strange archways in our front entry (I really have no other area for a thing like this :/).
please Use only your wall, if you have the space, or hang a good colored plate for the background on a wall. My plan was, with my compressor, but I could not find my system.
So I gathered my 4 & 6 years old, and had bubbles to begin, and I’d finish it and bind it. It’s a great source of penalty, if you’re looking for!

I brushed the next, the Mod-smorgasbord on the bottom half with the foam brush and splashed my sequins. If you dip it, it’d work – but you’T need a lot of sequins.
I then tape to my background. I only have a total of 11 balloons and it was enough to get the look I wanted to achieve. I think it’d super cool with him all the way to go from floor to ceiling.
My daughter thought the sparks were the coolest. She was my little model, and I told her that I’d pay her a dollar for it. Works every time!
I hope you enjoy my post today, and to see I’d love that, if you try it! Post it on my Facebook wall or tag me on Instagram!
XOXO Lindsey

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