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DIY Ampersand art you Can Make in a few minutes!

If you have white walls and are on the search for some personality, you create this DIY glitter ampersand art in a few minutes!

hi – it’s Cathedral, Designed again! We have just moved into a new home, and we’re doing our best to make our new space our own.
We have beautiful fresh white walls, and we’re looking for some art to give them a certain personality. We’re both Designer and, of course, have an obsession with typography so I decided to make this piece of ampersand.
Here’s how to create your own!

Glitter Commercial And art
you will need:

printer and paper


you Take a step, the glass from the frame (IKEA frames I’m with plexiglass) I<.br>step 2

Print the design that you want to use from your computer. It can be anything! I’m with an ampersand, but you are limited only by your imagination!
step 3

you Stick the print on the back of the plexiglass (or glass).
step 4

Paint the Mod-hodgepodge-over design. Apply generously.

step 5

Cover the painted areas in a generous amount of glitter. Don’t worry about wasting too much contact, because you can go back in your bottle later. 🙂

step 6

Carefully tip the excess glitter onto a sheet of paper. (I’m the paper from the frame)
dries as soon As your Mod smorgasbord, you can remove the excess glitter from the glass. If you try to remove these last few bits before the Mod is a hodgepodge of totally dry, you risk smudging the design. Trust me on this one… 😉
step 7

Pop the glass back into the frame, without the backing of the board and you’re done! You now have a very cool new artwork that is on trend.
is Another great thing about the paint directly on the glass, in alternate background color if you want! Try a black background, or blue, or yellow! Whatever you like! 🙂

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