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DIY Altered Ukulele

you never know for sure to find what you’re going to use this blog – one day will be Mod Podged shoes or a piece of furniture could . . . and then the next day, an altered ukulele! This project is from Jenny at Crescendoh.
never met, but I saw you across the room to CHA last winter. It’s fine – we are a Brave girl’ sisters, so we became friends for always.
Jenny is so talented and I love your blog for every piece of art she makes, not only the Mod-hodgepodge. But you’s good at that, too, and this ukulele is the perfect example. To say here’s what it was about:
“I love my coffee-dyed doilies have this longevity in terms of some of my projects for the last time. And coffee-stained doilies are what I turned to change me, my little ole ukulele.
After figuring out doily placement, I followed it to the instrument with Mod-smorgasbord.
of white primer and then the deck gave out.
After drying, I took to writing with a black felt-tip pen, lyrics to one of my favorite songs. (Can you guess what could be the song?)
And then, tone it down a bit, I followed him, with another application of white gesso primed, and then a final layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
And then added of course by the end, I, white polka dots on a white gesso on the front.”
So there you go! Would you try a DIY ukulele like this? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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