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Distressed Vintage sticker DIY wall clock

This DIY wall clock is easy to make, with vintage-inspired labels and Mod-hodgepodge. Follow the tutorial and create your own version!
I love vintage pictures – especially the labels that have been used for consumer products in the late 19th and early 20th century. Goods from pharmacies and beauty article had types beautiful labels, with tendrils, Banner and ornate font.
I decided that I wanted to knew a DIY wall clock from these pretty labels, and I do that a painted distressing technique to add to the vintage look. Distressing is very simple – everything what you need in addition to the color is a candle!
I'm excited to show you how to create this vintage-label-distressed watch. It would look great in a kitchen, bedroom or wherever you want a bit of time.
you Choose to coordinate labels and colors with your decor. Here is how I made my vintage inspired DIY wall clock is.

Vintage Label-DIY-wall-clock
Collect These Supplies

printer and paper
Vintage graphics – all mine are from The graphics Fairy
wood at the base
clock kit
1.5" circle punch
Mod hodgepodge Matt
acrylic paint in two colors free
candle – plain white, odor neutral

Paint your wood clock base with your first color. Give the base two coats and let it dry.
RUB the candle wherever you want to a burden – I recommend all of the edges-the-clock Basis. Use medium pressure and firmly RUB them. You can also RUB the candle over the front of the clock face.
Paint your second color over the top of the first color AND the wax.
Let your clock dry completely. It's okay if you do not complete the base-color cover with the top layer of the color – it makes the aged.
to Use you to reveal the abrasive paper, the base color at the bottom and the age of the watch are mounted. The Sand is more and more pressure for more and more stressful. You can even use your finger to remove paint.
The wax prevents the top layer of paint from sticking, so that wherever there is wax, you RUB away the top layer of the color!
Choose a twelve-vintage-labels, and the size from 1.5" – this is suitable to your circle punch exactly. Print your plate using your printer and then punch out each of the twelve labels.
you can Organize your vintage labels on the front of the wall clock facial area them exactly where you cut them down.
With the Mod collection and the brush, decoupage, each label down. Let them dry and add to sealing a couple of layers of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Insert the clock hands kit the watch with the base according to the instructions on the kit packaging.
What do you think of my DIY wall clock? I think I'm going vintage this watch to my mother – she would absolutely love it!

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