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Dimensional Magic Striped Tree Ornament

I have a paper mache base and striped paper to create this Dimensional Magic Christmas ornament – it’s very easy and looks so cute!

I’m in the major jewelry makes fashion for the holidays, so I decided to do a project, I again last year with a tutorial.
If I only sit down and Tinker fun this time of year, I always make a couple of Dimensional Magic Christmas ornaments.
Let’s be honest, you’re quickly (at least more so than, say, a chest of drawers). But they are also perfect for Mod Podging.
This particular ornament combines the Mod-hodgepodge and Dimensional Magic, so if you’ve never tried before, - DM, this is your chance. Here’s how this jewelry was made.br>papier-mache-Christmas jewelry
Collect These Supplies

papier-mâché Ornament
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
FolkArt acrylic paint – Metallic-Pure Gold
Scrapbook paper and tree-accent – I used IS flake's Kris Kringle line
spare parts to snow-brads
American Crafts-truffle-Band about 1.5'
Large rhinestone coordination
craft glue/hot glue gun
Craft knife and Mat

Trace the ornament with a pencil on the back of the sheet of scrapbook paper. Cut out the shape just inside the lines (carefully) and set aside.
Paint the entire ornament with several layers of Pure Gold, front and back. Let dry.
the paper on the front of the ornament only (choose either side). Place a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge down over the ornament, making sure that the edges well.
Place your sheet of paper on the ornament, and align the paper Form with the ornament shape. Smooth thoroughly with your hands, a brayer, works very well.
Wipe Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the sides. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
Spread a top coat of Mod-pick-and-mix on the paper, as well as over the entire ornament. Allow to dry and apply another layer. Let dry.
to Use Mod smorgasbord to apply to the die cut shape of your choice on the front of the ornament. Smooth out and allow to dry.
Apply Dimensional Magic to the top of the die cut shape. Slowly work. Dimensional Magic is also Super, because the surface tension in the vicinity of the edges of it on the Form, as long as you don \ ' T squeeze out the possibility of a lot.
Allow the Dimensional magic to dry in a warm place, NOT near a window, especially this time of the year. The cool weather makes the DM to crack. Either craft glue or a hot glue gun the ribbon on the outside of the ornament. Let dry.
Add to flake some texture to your jewelry with the snow-brads. Make a small slit in the ornament in various places and push the brads in.
don't you slide flat on the surface. You will see a great jump off the surface! My brads are in Habbo, allowing you to add a little fun, glitter,.
in the last step you glue the gem to the bottom of the ornament. Allow it to cool, and you’re finished.

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