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Dimensional Magic, DIY belt buckles

With paper and a little Dimensional Magic, you can have fun and wear fashionable DIY belt buckles with your favorite pair of jeans.
I can’t stop with the three-Dimensional magic – you know, I rings, and a damask frame (among other things). I love this stuff!
So the other day I made some DIY belt buckle with Dimensional Magic, and they turned out so great that I had to share.
Let me tell you, it was really touch-and-go there for a moment, with the Dimensional Magic on such a large area. But it has to work. Here’s how.
DIY belt buckles
Collect These Supplies

belt buckles – I got mine from Etsy (search for “belt buckle blank”)
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod hodgepodge gloss
scraps of scrapbook paper
ornaments – stickers, brads, rhinestones, glitter . . . what ever you have in your stash. The cool flower-Maya Road Resin flowers in Red

This is a super simple guide with just a couple of steps.
First, use a piece of parchment (or on another scrap of paper) as a template – track the inner side of the belt buckle with your pencil. I have rubbing on the edge and it worked well.
apply the template on your paper and cut out (with scissors or a craft knife).
Mod conglomeration of the paper in the belt buckle blank and let it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes.
embellishments Add (you can see’t, as you are under my hand in this photo, ha!) and then add Dimensional magic. To do here’s the whole trick, the DIY belt buckles. THREE layers.
I have a layer and allow to dry in a warm place (to prevent cracking). I have a second coat and drying again. THEN I have a third layer, and added the scrapbooking brad embellishments, so that you “dimensional” on the top of the Dimensional magic.
What do you think? Are you buckle ready for sports a DM girdle? I dare so you. One more thing – I had all the buckles on the hand, except for the belt, so this project budget-friendly.

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