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The Sweetest Half-Eaten Gingerbread Ornaments

This Christmas gingerbread ornaments make me squeal every time I see you! So cute and made of felt with basic accessories – easy for children.

A few weeks ago, the fable, instead of stick people at Martha Stewart Living", an event on Pins and needles in New York and made some fun gingerbread ornaments. I was his’t able to be there in person, but I was able to Skype in – sometimes technology really comes in handy.
The event was for children and their parents, and featured five crafts, including a few from the new Handmade Holiday Crafts book – the book I’ve been crafting together with in The New home EC.
Skyping was fun, and I wish I could have been there. Everyone had such a great time!
Here’s one of the projects was made on the crafting event: the half-eaten gingerbread ornaments with felt and other craft supplies – are’t they cute?
I love gingerbread-man - (my favorite symbol of the holiday), so this was definitely a favorite. Because the people at MS are so beautiful, let me take the instructions with you, as well as a few other projects (with instructions) from the event. Read more!
The half-Eaten gingerbread ornaments
tools and materials

Brown felt, plus different colors for the decorating of the gingerbread
Rick-rack in different colors
needle and thread – optional, if you want, sew all of the details on the ornament
fabric glue

you Start out by cutting out the gingerbread shapes. We made our way, so that they looked like little bites in them. You need two pieces for the body. We also used to make white felt for the eyes, but you can also use the Googly eyes.
you Start the decoration! Cut out felt pieces, use rick to decorate the rack or other trim to your gingerbread man or woman. They glue these pieces onto the brown felt pieces.
you Cut a small piece of rick-rack for the bow depends on you. You put this at the top and glue or sew to stick to the inside of the brown felt pieces.

Finally, glue the two brown parts, so they act like a sandwich on the rick-rack loop.

Here are just some of the crafts and pictures of the day:
Horribly decorated cookies – nom nom.
button hair clips; a simple guide on here.
Cute set-up Pins and needles, including the book Handmade Holiday Crafts.
The cute gingerbread people wear colorful ornaments.
Rick-rack-gift-bags; you will find a tutorial here.
And the next time I’m in NYC, I’m the head-Pins and needles, because the shop looks beautiful (and I love hoarding pretty fabric).
Hope you have this insight into a holiday crafting event!
Special thanks to Jenn Andrlik, crafts and holidays-Editor MarthaStewart.com; Darcy Miller, Editorial Director for Martha Stewart weddings; and Rachel Low, owner of Pins and needles that I post about the event.
photos by Mike Krautter. Courtesy of Martha Stewart's "life in the family room" blog.

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