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Decorate a tray With a Goodwill Find

Learn to decorate a tray with this easy tutorial! You’re love the before and after of this $3 Goodwill find. SO easy to do.
Hello, everyone! I’m Courtney, from crafts by Courtney. This is excited my first time writing for Amy and I’m so, to my latest Mod-hodgepodge creation . . . a nautical themed serving tray makeover!
In case you say couldn’t, I enjoy your well-being (and love the Mod hodgepodge of craft even more)!
On one of my many trips to Goodwill, I found this great serving platter for $3.00. I can NEVER happen, an offer or a chance for a makeover. At first glance, I knew that I wanted to go to decorate a tray with my nautical theme . . . a coastal-inspired upcycle!
I am infatuated with a Mod collection and now NOTHING coasts (let's call it a disease, haha). You should see some of my coastal themed living room . . . I. AM. OBSESSED.
-the paper I got at Hobby Lobby and knew I would find the perfect design for the bottom of the tray. I went with a classic anchor.never in the house right?! It’s a coastal theme staple. So with idea in hand, let’s start this makeover! Learn to decorate a compartment below.
Decorating a tray
For this Mod conglomeration project, you’ll need this stuff:

serving tray
Scrapbook paper
Mod hodgepodge Matt
decorative rope
sponge paint brush
- scissors
hot glue gun
Finishing wax – optional

I had First steps
the perfect nautical scrapbook paper. To find all I had was my color. I chose to give an Old White chalk paint, my subject, the classic coastal look. This is gorgeous!!!

step 1 – Paint your tray
Before decoupaging the bottom of your tray, you’ll need to get your color. Add one or two coats. Let each layer dry for 20 minutes.

step 2 – measure and Cut your Scrapbook paper
Now you&#let 8217;s our paper recycle! For a perfect fit, measure the bottom of your tablet. Then cut your scrapbook paper to fit.

Quick tip: If you try a large scrapbook paper, seamless pattern, trim one of the edges to the surface to fill in the of your subject!
step 3 – Mod smorgasbord of your work to your subject
For good adhesion, cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of Mod-hodgepodge. Now the shorter piece of scrapbook paper down first. Then cover the paper with more Mod-smorgasbord.
Finally, place your large piece of scrapbook paper. Make sure the cover the entire tray with another layer of Mod smorgasbord.

Quick tip: make sure if you the implementation of your scrapbook-smooth the paper down around it. This will remove all the air bubbles.
step 4 – Wrap The handles With rope
Before I painted the tray, I pulled the handles. I finished the painting with two layers on! Once they were dry, I wrapped it into place with my decorative rope and hot glued.

This rope wrapped turned out handles . . . Uh – can – zing!
step 5 – Not your subject
OMG, the time to artificially age this project. With sand-paper 🙂 If you’ve a tough day, had some stress and strain relieve the strain on your subject (to your liking of course)!

step 6 – Last-cut
Alrighty be! We are almost done. If you want to avoid scratches, you can add a layer of finishing wax. I’m OK with a couple of accidentally scratch, so I skipped the wax. With that said, we're done!
With our coastal-inspired decoupage tray completely, let’s decorating.
you can get pretty much anything you want on them. I love starfish and braided rope, so I went! But the choice is yours!
I love how my attempt to decorate a tray, it turned out (and hope you did too)! Gotta’ to give you a big, “thanks!” to Amy that I share! I really enjoyed myself 🙂
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