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Decorate a glass Block with Duck Tape

Glass block crafts are so easy and fun! Grab your Duck Tape and glass block from the craft store and make this simple plaid lamp. Perfect for a children’ space!
Have you ever tried a glass-block-craft? I see to always save the display of them in the craft, but have never found out what I could do with one.
been wanting to use duck tape in a glass-block-craft . . . but I also wanted lights on the inside (you are) in the rule to the craft store display to the right of the blocks. Obviously, regular Duck Tape is the go’t going to work, if you want to light up the block. But guess what works? Duck Tape Transparent Tints!
The Transparent shades are the same like standard Duck Tape – but they let in light, as the name suggests. Pretty cool, isn't it? I decided that I’d a plaid pattern to do with the bands on my block. Because plaid is trendy, and it comes around again and again.
These colors are so fun, and I love them all. This would be a great light for a craft room, but I can see tweens LOVE this project. And to do that, it’s simple, if you want to fight you! Here’s how.
Decorate a glass Block
Collect These Supplies

Duck Tape, Transparent Tints – Aqua, Fuchsia, Lime-Green
glass block
Craft knife and Mat

Make sure you to clean the surface of your glass block. The Duck Tape sticks well, but they want it clean and clear for the craft!
Put a piece of Aqua Duck Tape (longer than their glass-block) on your cutting surface. Hopefully, your Mat has the cables like mine. I put the Band between the lines and cutting in half – that gave me about 1/2″ of Duck Tape cut into strips. You’ll need to Put the strip down in the middle of your glass block. Then put a strip on both sides of the middle strip, evenly distributed.
Repeat with the pink Band – BUT to cut this time, you’re the strip with 1/4″ wide. You’ll get four strips out of one piece. You’ll need a total strip of five.
you’re going in the opposite direction by the blue Band. You put a strip in the middle, and then two strips on both sides. To cut, use your cutter knife to the ends of the whole Band!
your final color the green belt. For this Band, to cut, you’re the strips of the 1/8″. You’ll have ten strips in total for this., the plaid effect, you’ll put four pieces in parallel with the blue strip as shown – then you&#are 8217;ll put the other six strips in parallel with the pink stripes. Trim, and you’re done!
Well – you need to the lights inside of course. It only takes a couple of batteries and about a minute of your time. Hold the base of the glass block is opened, so that to turn on it’s just your lamp on and off!
What do you think about the glass-block-craft? Are you excited to try? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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