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Decorate Dollar-tree-candles with napkins

Makeover candles with just a few materials from the dollar store! The Dollar Tree candles can be customized for any occasion.

I’m very excited to show you these flameless decoupage candles today! I love candles, but I have forgotten to confess that I have been known to, from time to time. Coming home after running errands to a burning candle, I've totally forgotten about, is definitely not the best-case scenario!
I haven’t invested in flameless candles yet, but when I saw that the Dollar Tree had some, I had to grab a few. With a little Mod-collection and decorative napkins, I turned it into something super cute. I found the napkins at the Dollar Tree also what made these decoupage candles are very inexpensive.
Since the napkins are so thin that the light from the LED candle seems to still create a beautiful effect. You can customize these candles for different occasions. Some party napkins for a children's birthday party or maybe dropping some napkins for the Thanksgiving decor. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate Dollar tree candle
Collect These Supplies

Mod smorgasbord Ultra-Matte chalk (gloss, Matt or Satin will work too)
flameless candles from Dollar Tree
foam brush

brush a thin layer of decoupage medium to the candle.
Next, unfold and separate the napkin so that it’s only one layer. Wrap it around the candle, out to flatten it. There will be some wrinkles, but that’s ok! Brush another layer of Mod smorgasbord on the napkin.
you can Wrap the napkin around the bottom of the candle.
After it is dried, cut the excess from the top.
Light up your decoupage candle and enjoy!
the Dollar tree, the candles also look adorable just turned off and sitting on a shelf.
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