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Decorative Push Pins With Mod Hodgepodge Melts

Make you to boot up your room cute this school year with these decorative push-pins! Ideal for a Dorm room or office. Hello! My name is Heather and I blog over Say in the craft +! I’m a craft and DIY blogger who loves everything colorful, or funny.Today, Amy, about me on the blog with you a fun project I’ share;ve beenI Melt for the first time Mod-hodgepodge, my mind was blown, how many things I could make with them. Then I remembered the girls at my full-time job, to tell me how boring my wardrobe is.Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to decorate as much as the next gal, but I’m not sure how you decorate a Desk in a stylish manner . . . until now!Mod Melts Melter Mod and Mod MoldsDIY decorative Push PinsHere’s what you’ll need to have this decorative push pins:Mod patchwork Mod MelterMod hodgepodge Mod Mold (this is the exact Form that I used)Mod-hodgepodge Melts (use white and paint them, but I chose pink, yellow and gold!)Thumb TacksBulletin Board (I've had this cute triangle Bulletin Board from target!)How the push-pinsI make a pinky promise, this is so easy. You heat up the Mod patchwork Mod melter with a Mod conglomeration, to melt into it, just like you would a hot glue gun. Then fill each mold with the desired color. Now, you have two ways to fix the thumb-tack : first, you can either stick a thumb tack in the shape, while it’s is still wet. This is sure to hold the thumb tack.is another way, let the Mod-hodgepodge Melts completely dry, and then use your Mod patchwork Mod melter to glue on a thumb tack. Either option works great! I think this is such a clever way to hang funny pictures and to-do lists, especially in a Dorm room. I remember when I was in college, I was laying always on the search, reminders, notes, and images of friends and family — with this Mod conglomeration of Push-Pins, it’s the perfect way to keep it looking classy and feminine at the same time!melt div class="height-space">Also, if you’re looking for a fun, hang-up papers or a great gift idea for a teacher in your life, take a look at my DIY clipboard, which is Perfect for Back to school gifts for teachers! What’s a funny idea, it would Melt with Mod conglomeration, to imagination, to your Dorm room, or cabin? If you enjoyed this project, look at these ideas with Mod molds and Melts:20 Cute crafts Made with Mod MeltsDIY planner clips Fleur de Lis Bar ring with a floral necklace and ring fabulous gemstone-rings

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