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Decoupage Wine Bottle Christmas Craft

Use Mod collection and packaging-paper craft to create this unique wine bottle Christmas! This is the perfect budget-friendly project for the holidays.
Hello to all! My name is hodgepodge Katie, food, wine, and Mod, and I’m here, with a fun bottle of wine to Christmas craft for you today. I live in Chicago with my wonderful husband Chris, and adorable cat, Simon.
We love life in a big city, and to love the Winter! My blog is about exactly what the title says: food, wine, and Mod-hodgepodge! My husband and I love to cook, so I post recipes and life experiences we’ve had with the food. We are also HUGE wine-o’s.
Everything about the wine is wonderful, and we love to share a bottle, every chance we get. Actually, the topic is also my husband gets to the post office every once in a while! And finally, last but not least, Mod smorgasbord! I fell in love with Mod-smorgasbord at the age of 14 years, and although we broke the connection for a couple of years, I'm back and now with a passion!
And since I live downtown, don’t have a car, so I am particularly creative with things I have lying around the property have apartment. This is actually a good thing, because all of the projects, very few materials have anySo all this talk brings me to my small bottle of wine to Christmas craft for you today! Now that Christmas is just a week, there’s not a lot of time, a large, time-consuming craft, but you want to spruce up the family comes to your place with some new decorations before.
This project contains two of my favorite things: wine and Mod-hodgepodge!

bottle of wine To Christmas crafts
What you’ll have to:

wine bottles (must be empty, so I think, you’ll have a glass or two!)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
gift paper, ribbon and other Christmas decorations you want

That’s it!

So here’s the first step, this is a great little trick. You don't know how to get it’s just easy for a wine label from a bottle? Soaking sometimes works, but if you wanted to, in fact, that the label (which you don’t for this project, but you might want to look for another!) it's all small and lumpy when it dries.
So here’s the key: don’t enjoy it, bake it! If you have a bottle of wine in the oven at 175 degrees for 10 minutes, you will be able to take the bottle of wine (with a pot peel the cloth of course) and in my experience the way to 9 out of 10 labels to the right, leaving the label intact and the bottle free and clear!
If there is no sticky residue left on the bottle, simply place your decoration on it, or wipe it off with a little Goo Gone.
So now you have your bottle ready, it’s time to get creative to be! Find out each Christmas design, you can do is think, — whatever you want! I played with some wrapping paper I had, cut a tree out of a swirly type.
I also cut out the gifts from a different litter, the presents are already there. And finally, I got creative with layers of Christmasy ribbon. The possibilities are endless!
just a little brushed on the back of the design I cut it out, put it on the bottle, let it dry, then gave a quick topcoat just on the design. Easy and fast!
This bottle of wine Christmas craft looks great as a centerpiece or lined up on a mantle. Also, you will have fun experimenting with different bottles, because there are many different shapes, sizes and shades that there is! I found the riesling bottle, the lightest color was green, but I liked the Variation of the types of bottles for an eclectic look.
Overall, just have fun!
thanks to all for checking out my post, and feel free to visit me at food, wine and Mod-hodgepodge!
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