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Decoupage Vintage View-Master Bottle

This is one of my favorite home decor pieces in my craft room, and it was so easy to make! You only need a few supplies for the decoupage-vintage relic.

Hello friends! Ready for one of the easiest vintage-projects, anyway?!? This is one of my favorite home decor pieces in my craft room, and it was so incredibly easy to make! You only need a few supplies, and the final result is to present a fun and eclectic way, which is a vintage relic.
you Remember the view-Master slides?? I'm not going to lie, I look at some of the old sets that I still love. Even my tech-loving, enjoy children, watching them again and again.
I bought a whole stack of them a while ago on eBay for around a dollar each. What a bargain! Actually, they are really inexpensive to purchase and easy to use. And the best part, they come in these beautiful sleeves!
I used the roll to create a fun party banner, but I ended up with a bunch of sleeves that I know didn’t, what to do. Now I've decorated tons of bottles, I as gifts for friends!
, To get started on this decoupage-vintage project, you only need a few supplies. A View-Master reel sleeve, brush, Mod hodgepodge of high-gloss finish, a pair of scissors and a glass bottle. I'm using a vintage bottle I found at a yard-sale, but also a new glass bottle would look good!
To start, first of all, carefully open your View-Master sleeve so it lays flat.
Use your scissors to carefully cut out the pages and tabs. The older the sleeve, the more brittle the paper, so be careful and try your best to make straight cuts.
Next, with your brush, coat the back side of the sleeve and the glass bottle with a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
you Hold the View-Master sleeves on the front of the bottle, smoothing the paper flat as you go. Then add a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the upper side of the paper.
Allow, the Mod-pick-and-mix to dry completely, and add a second layer if necessary.
That’s it super easy!
My favorite part about this project is it, what you put in your bottle, the View-Master sleeve feels like it's a fun little window in the middle has to see what’s inside!
I'm save with my bottle, my favorite brush, but I already have a dozen to use as flower vases for the friends. Now that all my spring flowers are in full bloom, I have the perfect vase for sharing them!
thanks for making me share my simple vintage bottle with you! I can wait’t to share what I have in the works for the next month! Don’t forget to visit me on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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