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Decoupage table with pack of paper (So Easy!)

Learn how to decoupage a table with wrapping paper! To do it’s simple, with a Mod collection of Outdoor and this tutorial. Such a unique project. Hello there, fellow Mod Podgers! It’s Linda here, from burlap+blue, and I’m thrilled to be here today sharing a Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor-tabletop-tutorial with you all (of course) decoupage medium!As you’ll see in the following pictures, I had a small table in desperate need of a makeover. To The Rescue? A beautiful piece of wrapping paper and Mod-smorgasbord in the Free. Let’s get started!Decoupage with wrapping paperCollect These SuppliesMod smorgasbord of outdoor wooden table topWrapping paper (scrapbook paper works too) - foam brushdeclares A note about Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge: when Amy in your Mod-hodgepodge FAQ page Outdoor Mod smorgasbord is very durable and water resistant, but not totally waterproof.If you want to make your project waterproof, it recommends using a clear, outdoor (or enamel) acrylic sealer when your project is complete. step 1: Here’s in my “before” image . . . basically, we found the iron frame at a thrift shop. I spray painted it, (if you know me at all, that’s no surprise!), and my husband had to cut to fit a piece of wood. The first thing I did was take my wood top and coat with Mod-smorgasbord in the Free. I took my piece of Kraft paper (at my local Papyrus store isn’t it lovely?), and place it over the top, out flatten it with a credit card, to ensure there were no air bubbles.Flip the wood tabletop over on a flat surface and fold the two ends, and Mod-hodgepodge, down to the wood. step 2: This is kind of hard to explain, and I was know-how’t even, like I was, you treat the edges before I started. Basically I haveJust every corner you folded, how would I pack it as a gift, and Mod Podged it all in place step 3: Once they are completely dried, seal the decoupage table with three layers of Mod-hodgepodge. I normally only have two layers, but actually this wanted to be well sealed! After that was dry, I used a clear sealer by Minwax to make it waterproof. So, what do you think of my decoupage table with wrapping paper?! Personally, I love how this turned out, and the turquoise and navy glitter gift paper adds some much-needed fun and sparkle on my patio.thanks for the let me today share with all of you! To see if you’d like, other tutorials, with Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor OR wrapping paper, check out the following posts:Mod smorgasbord of wrapping paper FrameDIY house number SignWrapping paper coat rack coastal mailbox Makeover

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