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Decoupage mirror frame with a pillowcase

You make a decoupage mirror frame with fabric from a pillowcase – it’s a great way to renew an old piece and give it a little character.
So yesterday, I showed you how I added a little flair to the top of the goal table. What I didn’t share that yesterday I revised a mirror with the same pillowcase! I’m so excited about it that I wanted to share with you today.
I had to do a LOT of fabric left over from that pillowcase and nothing, so I got a mirror from Target (seriously, that thing was added for under $10) and the tissue at the edges with decoupage.
I think this table and mirror set would be perfect for a Dorm room or first apartment. Or really anyone who just wants to fit your space. Here’s how I made these decoupage mirror.
Decoupage mirror frame
Collect These Supplies

mirrors with wide edge
Mod patchwork fabric
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
utility knife

If you don’t remember, the pillowcase, here it is. I had a lot of fabric left over after the table.
This part is the same as the table as well: cut the pillowcase open at one end and prepare the fabric with Mod-hodgepodge. All you do is paint a medium layer of hodgepodge of over the top and let it dry. You’re, to prevent it from fraying when you cut.
Here’s where things are a little different. You’ll want to use a straight edge and utility knife to cut the fabric into long, thin strips (four of them). Make sure the width is enough to fit over the edge of the mirror.
Then put your cloth on the mirror and cut the fabric diagonally at each corner. It’s good if you have material that overlaps the edges.
Mod smorgasbord of material to work around, down the edges of the mirror, you find your way. Let it air dry. Then you flip the mirror and cut with your craft knife.
Here you – an decoupage mirror to go with your table! It’s an easy way to renew something old, or just spend a few bucks on something simple and jazz it up yourself. Enjoy.

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