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Decoupage a Patchwork stool the Easy way

If you would like to decorate a chair, try it with paper and Mod-hodgepodge! This patchwork stool is easy to cut and looks great.
I must admit – I love Deco-chair. I’ve done many times before, and I never get tired of it! I wanted to decorate a chair for my new place; something a little different and brighter than what is done, I’ve.
; d say that this patchwork stool fits the bill. I patch-worked the paper on the top and attached it with Mod collection, then I painted to coordinate neon on the legs. It’s so funny and one of my favorite projects ever (of course, until my next project)!If you want to, how I decorated this wooden stool, you can learn how below.
Patchwork stool
Collect These Supplies

Unfinished wooden stool
acrylic paint – white, neon-pink
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
Scrapbook papers – I have a little American Crafts stack from the target
tracing paper
paper cutter or craft knife and mat
Scotch tape
painter’s Band

The first thing I did was the color of the unfinished wooden stool with white acrylic paint. Paint the whole thing with several layers and allow to dry. Then to several cm on each leg and tape measure,.
, to be honest, taping round legs’t easy for me. If anyone hear has any suggestions, I’d love to. I simply tape all the way, and then used to fill in pieces of the painter’s ribbon.
Now you’re to colorblock the legs. Paint several layers of the pink neon color on the legs, and then remove the painter ’s Band. Touch up in the areas you need, and let them dry.
Select the papers you are going to patchwork. These next steps require you to listen carefully . . . so you go back to your elementary school days (assuming you were a good listener; if you weren’t nevermind).
you need to cut your paper in 32, 2-inch squares. The paper cutter makes this really easy . . . but you can also use a cutter knife and a ruler, if you don’t a paper cutter to have Once you are finished, use tape to 4 line 6 paper squares, and 2 more rows with 4 fields. Adhesive tape on the BACK side of the paper.
My cut was’t perfect, so I trim the bottom of the paper strip had to, in order to make the 2″ width, they fit together very nicely. You can continue to do this with a ruler and craft knife.
you Turn the strips over and tape them all to a large Mat. Glue the strip of 4 paper squares at each end.
Make a pattern of your chair with the transparent paper. To create, you place the transparent paper over the top of the stool, and RUB around the edge with the pencil your pattern. Then put it on top of the patchwork and use the painter’s fasten tape. Cut out the circle with scissors.
Add Mod-hodgepodge, to the top of the chair – have – and smoothing the patchwork paper on the stool. Smooth carefully and wipe decoupage medium, which presses the page.
Once it’s dry (15 – 20 minutes), cut across the top with Mod smorgasbord and let it dry. Let it dry and give it a few more coats.
I have the coolest patchwork-stool in the world right now! Or at least the coolest stool in my apartment, which is good enough for me.

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