Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

Decoupage Nautical Coasters

You are using dishwasher safe Mod collection to decoupage-these unique drink coasters for the summer! You get free nautical papers in a variety of patterns for your project.
I don't know about your neck of the woods, but summer is here in full force in Atlanta! I always throw a couple of nautical or beach-themed crafts in the rotation this time of year, and I decided to make some coasters for my patio.
I love to sit outside with a cool drink in the evening hours and say Hello to the neighbors. I need something fun around the wood to protect the furniture so that I can set on my glass while I'm out!
These nautical coasters are very easy to make and would be ideal for a winter garden or a beach house. I have fun, free nautical themed papers for you to get your eight tracks. They are so easy, you'll be done in minutes. You'll learn how to create below.

Collect These Supplies

printer and paper (laserjet preferred)
Printable nautical coaster papers
cork coasters- set of 4 to 6, about 4" square
Dishwasher-safe Mod hotchpotch
Decorative border punch
Craft knife and Mat
Brayer (optional)

Print the nautical coaster papers on your paper. From there, you can measure the paper and mark with a pencil. My coasters were 4", so I measured approximately at 3.75". Enough including created space to punch my design and show some of the cork.
to Use to cut your utility knife and cut the paper down that you measured and marked.
Select and cut four different papers or one for each roller coaster. use the edge punch TWO edges parallel to each other. You could do all four edges, but you have to do some math ... the design work . . . I found this to be easier, and I liked how it looked.
Edge punches are nice because there is a template on the top of the line-up the design. So, if you have drilled, a little line up and punch move to the right, again.
This is how my paper, saw sitting on the top of a roller coaster. I love it!
Grab your dishwasher Mod collection for this project. Now, I don't want you to think that because I used dishwasher safe Mod smorgasbord that you can wash these coasters. You can't wash these coasters.
The reason why I used this formula to keep the cork and the paper was safe from the moisture that comes from the setting of a sweating glass on top of them.
place a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the top of the roller coaster AND on the back side of the paper.
you Lay your paper down in the middle of the coaster and smooth. Your paper might start to curl as my has, depending on the climate . . .
In the case of a brayer is helpful in that it smoothed out. Don't give up, just keep rolling and rolling until you reduced your paper. Let the coasters dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the edge of your coaster. Let them dry and put another coat on.
TIP #1: If the brush starts back and forth too much on the paper, ink bleeding (particularly the red).
do Not let dry brush on your first coat; you, and you can brush a little more on your second layer. You can also beat them with a clear acrylic to help spray prior to brushing, stop bleeding, if you want to.
My nautical coasters look perfect on my patio. I can also a few sets for the neighbors!
NOTE: if you want to use them immediately, and you are in a humid climate like me, I’d with a brush on sealer like Minwax Polycrylic as a final top layer on your tracks. Then you’ won;t experience the stickiness problems.
Here in Georgia, I HAVE pretty add that extra layer to take off the top or the coasters forever to dry. Then, when you stack them, It’ gluing, etc.; s just easier with the brush on top coat. I prefer the brush on top coat to spray, also. Although many people use a spray and love it.

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