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Decoupage-Jewelry: 16 Easy Necklace Projects

If you've never tried to decoupage jewelry, it’s easy and fun! You know, like the cute necklaces that you’ll love AND a gift.

I’m always thinking, projects, Mod-hodgepodge. I mean, I have a blog, right? I find that a recurring theme, if I’m brainstorming projects is decoupage-jewelry. I really love chains!
they are so filling, easy and make great gifts. I can tell you’t you how many times I’ve Mod Podged a necklace and as a gift. Trust me on this one! If you want a DIY necklace that I’ve a collection of ideas here that you will love.
they are all just – you may need a few supplies, but I always encourage you to branch out and make their own version. Check out the 16 decoupage jewelry ideas below. Which would you try first?
Decoupage-jewelry: 16 Easy necklace projects

to Make a pretty feather necklace with Mod patchwork and embroidery thread.
you See how it was Oh So Beautiful

flowers & beads
you Use a catalog page to decoupage the necklace, then Dimensional magic and micro-beads to.
instructions included with the Mod, the hodgepodge of rocks

monogram pendant
In this fun learning program, Bethany a monogram with a rub-on – and also adds three-Dimensional magic.
Learn how to do it at Pitter and Glink

seed packet
Don’t the dollar store seed throw packages away, after they are planted – make you in chains!
See how it conglomeration of rocks

Glitter Bug
No sewing has been done here in the case Mod is required to use this amazing glitter necklace – what a statement!
Find out how you can do it on Prudent Baby

Fair Isle
I used Shrinky Dinks, stencils, and markers, these lovely earrings and necklace set.
get the how-to here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

southwest style
Cathie you are using a rose Mod mold and a strand of turquoise beads to make a simple, yet fashionable necklace.
Know how it is in the case of hand-work Happy Hour

If you are addicted to Instagram like me, learn how to this necklace with a wooden pendant.
Find out how here at Mod-hodgepodge of rocks
If you’re reading, in order to get started with decoupage jewelry with these metal blanks are going to be your favorite. Such a cheap price and makes 10 pieces! You can get here. Now keep scrolling down to see even more projects.

Megan turned to an expression of a family picture, in a faux Polaroid, with a small glass tiles and Mod-smorgasbord.
The original project is no longer available, so use the photo as inspiration!

Glittered Geometric
you can hodgepodge a unique statement necklace like this with vinyl, Mod and glitter.
Learn how to do it here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

Pressed leaves
All of the foliage is to work, these pretty pendants – red and orange for a little variety.
See how it was made, in the case of Lark Crafts

you Use the mini-wood to make blocks and small photos, this personalized necklace. So cute!
Find out how they do it in the bugaboo, mini, mr & me

make Lots of glitter
This glitter necklace is SO blingy and easy with Dimensional Magic.
See how it was made, to Clumsy Crafter

Scrabble tile
you can Buy these tiles online, then you make a ton of scrabble necklaces for gifts – this is the perfect craft for groups.
get guide A-Mama

Vintage trailer
The beautiful chandelier crystals is a pretty one-dimensional views of the finished project.
you can Find the instructions on FaveCrafts

Simple washers
Can you believe that this is an entry from the hardware store? Washer necklaces are so easy to make!
Learn how to do it at Handmade Happy Hour

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