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Decoupage-a Plant Stand for the spring - Mod-hodgepodge rock

To decorate, you will learn how a simple wooden plant stand from the craft store to use paper, decoupage medium, glue, and stencils – AND it’s waterproof!
This is one of those items in my craft stash for a while. And the “one of these elements” I mean the wood of the plant. I got all of ' em, to save up on the craft and throw in a frenzy of things in my shopping cart, this jumped up guy.
I realized, if I wanted to get it in a right plant, I would need to have some Outdoor Mod-smorgasbord, together with other relief goods of course. So I dug around and it will happen!
And I even have my Mod smorgasbord of rock Peel-n-Stick templates, so that was very exciting. Here’s how I did it.
Decorate a Plant Stand
they Collect Supplies

woody plant
Mod hodgepodge Outdoor
Mod smorgasbord of rock Peel-n-Stick templates – points
acrylic paint – be Get a multi-surface or outdoor type
Scrapbook paper
Stencil tape
Craft knife and Mat
Mod hodgepodge Spouncers
craft glue

you need to measure the wooden slats on the top of the plant stand. With the cutter knife and ruler, cut enough paper to cover the blades (I have four strips). Set aside the paper.
Paint the top of the plant stand with warm white and the base green. Paint several coats and let dry. You HAVE to paint to use don’t absolutely in the open, but I can highly recommend it.
Apply the polka dot peel' n ' stick stencil on one side of the system, the to mask off all areas you don't want to paint. I just got washi tape as my “stencil tape” – and I smoothed the stencil thoroughly.
Use a spouncer, the warm white color to apply to the template. You peel off the stencil immediately and wash and back to the supporter sheet.
Allow the paint to dry on the plant stand, and repeat on the other side.
, Apply the strips of the scrapbook paper to the top of the plant stand with Mod conglomeration of the Free. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes, then put on a top coat. Let dry.
Give your plant several layers of Mod-conglomeration stand in the open air, between let dry.
to Finish it by adding tape to the ends with craft glue.
you’re all done! The only thing to remember – water on the slats, and the project will be fine, you just don’t want to bundle it for you for a long time. Wipe it, so your project doesn’damaged t.
have fun and happy spring!

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