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Decoupage Doily Pumpkin Craft: Easy, No Carving!

Use doilies from Michaels $1 bin and Mod-smorgasbord in this unique pumpkin crafts!!! A vintage /antique touch to your fall and holiday decor.

have you ever browse the $1 bins in the shops? Actually, I’m not sure why I’m questions that . . . of course you do! It’s a good reason why I’ve asked this question, I’let ll know in a minute – but in the meantime, you should know that I’ve gone doily crazy, my friends!
It all started when my mother was the “ mentioned;Golden hands” series of craft books from the early 1970s (she has them all), and we discussed some of the do reminiscence and crafts. I’m a big fan of the 60s and 70s crafts and doilies seem to be a large part of the time.
I knew that I wanted to integrate them into a creative project for the autumn, and then the Michaels-pumpkin-craft-challenge yourself . . .
So, if you aren’t according to me still we have the dollar tank, doilies, and a pumpkin craft challenge for Michael's makers. And that’s how it happens my friends – all three came together for this project!
already on the brain when I went shopping pumpkins at Michaels for my faux . . . I bought several sizes and colors of pumpkins for this project and others that I wanted to do, as well.If you’re interested in some Michaels.com and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – it is every color, shape and size you could ever want!
as I drove my car around Michaels, I had to stop by the budget of the containers in the direction of a registered . . . and that’s when my doily dreams were about to come true. She had a cargo from the deck, and in many colors! Yahoo! My dream of a doily pumpkin project become a reality. Here’s how it all went down.
Collect These Supplies

Faux pumpkin, the color of your choice
doilies – as many as you want in the colors you like
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
plastic containers (for crafts, not food)
craft glue

For this project I used two faux pumpkins from Michaels – a larger white and smaller black. The white pumpkin had a shiny finish and the smaller black one had a matte panel finish . . . be that really important in this tutorial.
I doilies purchased in black, grey and white. I removed each of them from the packaging and cut out the tags in a targeted manner. Then I removed the excess day with the tweezers.
For the smaller pumpkin I have four doilies and for the larger pumpkin, I have nine (you could probably get away with eight).
Grab your plastic container and Satin Mod smorgasbord.
pour about 1/4 of the bottle or so – it depends on how many pumpkins you do.
Add water and create a mixture. Two things: 1) this is probably the only time, to tell the I’m ever, that you Mod smorgasbord and 2) is water, the ratio of the mix’t, which is important. You want to a little glue-y.
Stir until your mixture!
We’re going to start with the black pumpkin. Dip your doily in the Mod-hodgepodge mix. . .
, you can Stir it and get it soaked, then wring out slightly (you want to leave, some of the Mod-hodgepodge mixture on top of the doily).
place the doily on the pumpkin. It was then that I learned two things: 1) cover your surface with wax-to catch the paper the drops and 2) you use a brush, wipe away the Mod-smorgasbord-mix, which runs to the bottom of the pumpkin.
Let this doily is dry enough to seal, the pumpkin a bit.
Then repeat to the circumference of the pumpkin, until it’covered s all.
Use the brush to wipe away the Mod-hodgepodge mix, where it has collected. Let the pumpkin dry for several hours.
Then move along to the larger pumpkin! Remember, I said, had a smooth surface?
Here’s what I have learned in the completion of this particular pumpkin.
The mixture must really be WAY thicker for the smooth pumpkin. It must be very close to a regular Mod hodgepodge of consistency, but only a little water-y.
I also brush recommend, the surface of the pumpkin with Mod-smorgasbord in regular consistency before applying the doilies.
Set to secure the swab Mod hodgepodge downwards, also helps.
It doesn’t take that long for these few extra steps, and the deck will be WAY more. You have plenty of time to dry before adding more doilies.
your project is finished – and your pumpkins are doilied!! The final touch was to paint the stem on the white pumpkin with a black color – but to do you don’t have that, if you want to don’t.
I love how easy this project was!
These are perfect for a vintage-feel to your seasonal decor or for a rustic touch to your holiday decoration.

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