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Decoupage Box with Vintage Sewing Patterns

I love about everything I can in old pattern pieces and Mod smorgasbord – so I have decorated a gift for a friend: a decoupage box! It was VERY easy!

A Mod conglomeration of project you with to try: a decoupage box! I decoupaged this pattern piece for my friend’s mother – your 60th birthday.
sewing loves, and so we decided this would be the perfect gift for you, since it has (now a shortage of places on the save), your fabric and pattern. And as usual, the cover of the box, except with a pattern?
Don’t shocked, but I actually have photos of the process. Trust me, it was hard to stop tinkering and aligning the camera!
In the interest of a good decoupage blogger, I decided, I post a decoupage box-tutorial. So here it goes.

sewing pattern Decoupage Box
Collect These Supplies

wood storage bin (Michaels or Jo-Ann, don’t forget to use a coupon)
Big flat brush
FolkArt paint, in linen, 8 oz.
fabric pattern(s) (Jo-Ann always has a few on sale for $.99! Get two, just to be sure)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
sandpaper (optional)
Cute mushroom apron (also optional)

BEFORE you start to paint, you need to. you may sand your wood to reduce surface, dents or rough spots That is your call. I always do, or that I'll regret at the end of it.
step 1 is really easy, but takes some time. To paint the Basecoat the box with the linen. You can do it inside and outside, and on the underside of the lid. Don’t try to cheat – watch I’m in know that, when you paint don’t it all! Let it dry for a few hours.
Unfold your pattern and don’t worry about the wrinkles. They will go away as soon as you Mod smorgasbord. Cut out pieces in the shapes and sizes that fit you and start the storage place.
Here’s the way to do it. Place the cut part down and Mod smorgasbord on the pattern piece. Hold one side down with your hand and apply a thin layer with a brush on the top.
The Mod-hodgepodge saturated and the piece keeps the am – this method prevents tearing.
Hold you overlap the pieces on your box with decoupage. Don’t worry about the piece ofNote that the pieces that become transparent when you glue them down. Kind of cool! Keep doing this until you have the entire covered outside of the container and lid. I didn’t do the inside or the underside of the lid. Allow the wood box to dry.
Okay, so this is the fun part! I usually hate trimming things with a X-Acto, but that was kind of fun. I trimmed the top, bottom and on the inner side of the handles. “Saw” and it will work just fine!
Once you cut the finished coat of your decoupage box with a final layer of Mod-smorgasbord – the inside and the outside.
Here she is! The finished decoupage box. One last thing I did was paint a 2-inch knob and glue it on top with craft glue. I hope you like it! The great thing is that it really wasn’t so expensive. Less than $20, if I have a craft Shop voucher for the ton.
PS – The gift-recipient loved it! Another successful decoupage project. Completed.

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