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Decoupage a bookshelf with fabric Mod conglomeration of rocks

do One thing’s on my to-do list for January of this year, “back” my account – just like this decoupage a bookshelf with fabric project that you see above.
And everything, what I mean by that is, I need all the books, go through them, dust, rearrange, and make a giveaway pile. Every once in a while, you need to re-evaluate, right?
If you're thinking of doing a decoupage bookshelf of their own, should consider a complete redesign like this one from Wendy. You did it with fabric, and it looks gorgeous, and isn’t as hard as you would think.
My opinion is that a room is brighter and a bit more fun with touches like this. To learn how you can visit your decoupage bookshelf, the instructions on the link below!
cloth lined shelves, Pretty Good

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