Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

Decorative letters for wall decoration in just a few minutes!

Learn how to decorative letters with confetti and Mod-hodgepodge! This project is perfect for a children’ room or craft studio.Skills Required: No Crafting experience. This project is extremely easy. You’ll be able to achieve it, even if you’ve never picked up a brush or opened a bottle of Mod-smorgasbord.Don’t forget to the bottom of the post to scroll to a video with 8 bonus ideas, how to decorate with wooden letters. I promise, you’re going to be addicted!

I'm in the process of moving my daughter into a big girl bed, and decided that we need to spruce up your decor a bit for her big girl room. I've been loving the confetti trend in home decor and thought I would try my hand at it with some decorative letters.to make This DIY confetti letter was so simple and I just love how it turned out. It’s so festive and fun for a child’s room or nursery.you could change up the colors for a boy or in an office or craft room – and, of course, add a bunch of them, if you like!
letter-wall-decorHere’s what you need:Mod smorgasbord gloss (Matt would also work) - foam brush tissue paper large hole punch wooden letter It’to say hard, from the photos, but the letter, the one I used is huge. My mother gave it to me, and although I loved the size, I love the color. So I gave it a couple of coats of bright white. you Work in small sections, since the Mod-hodgepodge dries so quickly. Brush some Mod-smorgasbord on a section, and then start layering on your confetti. I Made my own confetti by a large dime-size round punches and tissue paper. you Start, the spacing of the confetti as you get closer to the bottom of the letter. Don’t forget to add to the pages as well! paint brush to seal on a layer of Mod hodgepodge of the whole thing to get it.Hang your DIY confetti letters-and enjoy! You can make more decorative letters in exactly the same way. This letter wall decor is some of my favorite ever!!!

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