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Decorate an IKEA magazine holder the Easy way

would you Like a simple craft idea? Grab an IKEA magazine holder and paint it as a unique decoration or for a gift! Add your favorite Duck Tape – to personalize.skills Required: beginner. This craft is very easy, even with little DIY experience. You’ll be painting, distressing (sanding) and the application of Duck Tape.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about handmade gifts! At least, that’s what I’m doing these days, and I’m sure you are.I went to IKEA, you will find a range of surfaces I could personalize, and I happen to have this wood-magazine-rack.I love IKEA, they have itching tons of cool surfaces to be decorated! These magazine holders were no exception.I knew that the paint needed a couple of layers and then, of course, Duck Tape. I signed up for the duck-panel Band this time, I’ve never have a chance, before use.And guess what? It WORKS! You can write it! I was tickled. I was tickled, as my magazine racks turned out.Here’s how I picture you as gifts. Decorate and personalize for the recipient, then give a magazine gift subscription. Isn’t that be fun?It’s a great idea for those of us that “old skool” and love to read the paper in our hands. Here’s how to make them!IKEA magazine holderCollect These Supplieswood-magazine-holder – from IKEA (Knuff line)Mod-hodgepodge Satin (optional), Duck Tape – panel, Sugar Skulls, Tribal pattern, acrylic paint – colors of your choiceWax candle – white (for distressing)sand paper scissors paint brush
Here are the magazine holder I bought two for $10! Sand away imperfections and brush the dust before getting started. I decided to have some fun color combinations with my acrylic paint . . . my Duck Tape patterns! I painted the inside and the edges of a color, then let dry. Then I wax the edges with my candle (I use a candle scrap) and painted over the top with a different color . . . this time, only the outside.you’ll notice that I painted orange and purple over the top. You can change your mind, this is exactly what I have done – that’s okay! Once you’re done, use sandpaper to lightly distress the edges. Let’s the color underneath show through a little. You don’t have to do it . . . but I love the hint of interest! It was after this that I have my duck tape. You can do it the way they want to. In this example, I have my sugar-skull-Band vertical . . . And a piece of chalkboard tape horizontally. I LOVE THIS DUCK, CHALKBOARD BAND. You can write with regular chalk, but it looks best when you draw on it with chalk markers. Make sure you are chalk-Marker than other types of markings are permanent! For the tribal pattern, I just your magazine holders are ready! Like I said – give it, with a gift subscription for a magazine – or perhaps some favorite books?

Let us know how you want to decorate wooden-magazine-racks in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other Duck Tape crafts that I made (I think I love you’re going):Duck Tape festival letter tent to Make a show, backpack CharmsDuck tape projects for your home decorate a glass Block with a Duck Tape

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