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Decorate a tray with adult coloring pages

you have to know a number of adult coloring pages jumping all over the place and aren’t, what to do with them? Decorate a tray! It’s easy and makes a great gift idea. Are you to color? I’ve jumped on the colouring trend and have a ton of adult coloring posts over at DIY candy (including teaching and recommendations for books and pens!).My most recent project with coloring pages is a name tag. I’ve also shown you 10 ways to use adult coloring pages on this blog – and won’ve probably Mod hodgepodge is a fabulous addition to the adult coloring. You can actually these pages pull from the book, if you’re done, and to do something with them!for This month for my Michaels makers challenge, we were tasked with the production of gifts that a mother with the love. Mother’s day is just around the corner, and there’s nothing that mom loves better than something that YOU made.the funny thing is, that I write this post I realize something. If you’re a child, you probably drew you something for your mother and handed it to her, right?Now, this project is an extension and only slightly advanced – you’re just doing it, many years later!adult coloring pages on a trayCollect Supplieswood trayMod hodgepodge SatinMod hodgepodge Dimensional magic acrylic paint – color of your choice base coat trayColoring pages – to cover the inside of the trayPaper cutter or craft knife and matRulerPaintbrushMod hodgepodge brayer (optional)seed beads (optional) the color to your heart’s desire! Make sure to cover that they are many coloring pages, your specialist, that you’re going to cut it. Because you’ll be doing some tiles on the sides. If you're wondering what kinds of markers/pens you’ll be able to take advantage of this article help.you’ll be able to use, to most of the markers and pencils on their adult coloring pages and then the Mod collection, you – the key will be, so that you can, to dry (leave the sides at least over night to dry). Colorful Paint your specialist – fully a primer with acrylic paint-color of your choice. Let it dry for several hours. While your tray drying, is cut out their adult coloring pages cut into strips. Our strips are 3″ x 3″ and 3″ x 6″ – the use of a variety of stripes, or any size square you like. Start at the middle of the tray. Add Mod smorgasbord on the back, a coloring page, then down on the taskbar, and smooth (the Mod-hodgepodge brayer helps here enormously). To add to their pages, and makes a pretty tile pattern. If you are on the edges, use your ruler and cutter to help you score the sides and remove the excess. Continue until the entire tray is covered with coloring pages, then let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes. You put a top coat over the top edge of the pages can be colored (you can coat the entire tray with Mod-hodgepodge, if you want to).AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!let it Dry for at at least 24 hours! You want to make sure that the Mod hodgepodge no (wet, completely dry, and there are some) areas for the next step. Add Dimensional magic to the tray. This is the reason why the Mod smorgasbord must be completely dry – if you’s not, there are clouds below the DM. Obviously, you want to don’t that!place seed beads into the Dimensional magic, if you like! another funny turn; use Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic with glitter! I’ll leave that up to you. Let your tray dry for 24 hours, and not under a fan – you don’t want to break the DM. Isn’t the tray nicely?? you can see the adult coloring pages look great under the glitter. And if some of the ink bleed a bit, well – it adds to the character. At least in my humble opinion!Are you willing to? Don’t forget that Michaels has everything you need to craft the perfect handmade gift, the Mom ' s day.

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