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Decorate a papier-mâché tree for Christmas - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Decorate a papier-mâché tree for the Christmas season! This Christmas tree was made with doilies, paint, and Mod-hodgepodge. It’s REALLY easy!

I’m tinkering is not even close to finished with paper doilies. It might be because I have so many, but it’s also because you are sweet and easy-to-Mod-hodgepodge. I love the results I get with them, and so I decided for Christmas crafts to the next level by decorating a paper mache tree.
It reminds me of Whoville, which is really where I want to live, especially during the holidays. This tree is easy to create, so you could definitely have a bust this weekend. You can also make a winter version that stays past Christmas. Here’s how Imy.br>Decorate a papier-mâché tree for Christmas
Collect These Supplies

papier-mache-tree with Base – mine is from Hobby Lobby
paper doilies
FolkArt acrylic paint – Bright Green, Holly, leaf, Kelly Green, titanium White, Yellow Citron
Mod hodgepodge gloss
of felt in two shades of green – you can use small scraps of
peppermint-striped scrapbook paper – a strip to cover the base
Sparkle pom pom for the top of the tree
Red buttons – 12
Craft knife and Mat or scissors
craft glue

color of the cone tree-Kelly Green. You need a base color, because the deck have holes, and you want to don’t to see papier-mache by you. The cones allow to dry.
Here are the paper doilies – note that they “fancy” doilies. I think this is in contrast to non-fancy doilies? They are paper, and you can get material for cheap at a dollar store or party supply store.
color multiple deck games with your other shades of green; to give it several layers and let it dry.
I have some of the Yellow Citron doilies, because it’s a great color, and it complements the other shades of green. It is also the Cindy-lou-who-touch adds that I’s going on.
Add Mod smorgasbord on the tree (mid-level), and smooth out your doily flat on the surface. Working with one doily at a time. I would smooth every doily thoroughly and allow to dry for a few minutes before you add another doily-level, or they will go to great wrinkles. Once all are arranged in their doilies on top of each other, allow the project to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
Note that on the upper side Yellow Citron doily, I had to cut it with my craft knife, so that it was only wrapped once and not several times. The tip is thin!
the entire doily tree a layer of Mod-hodgepodge. Let them dry and give another coat. If the tree is dry, cut the doilies, the overlap of the base of the tree.
with the special “double cross ” method to draw some Holly leaves on the back of your felt. Draw a straight line, and two cross-lines, then add the swoops of the holly to finish leaves. Cut you this.
you Glue the leaves, buttons, and glitter pom-pom topper on the tree with craft glue. Let dry.
My friend Holli and I eyeballed the tree, and I asked you if you have suggestions on the base. To know, me and my Whoville way, you suggested that striped paper! Awesome. I painted the base of the tree, titanium white, cut a strip of striped paper and then Mod Podged it. And it's done.
After he decorated my first paper mache tree, I’m from, more. I can picture a winter for sure, maybe even a Halloween next year . . . hmmm . . . .

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