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Decorate a Dollar store glass Vase

A DIY vase is a great gift and is easy to make, with a Mod collection and the dollar store craft supplies! You can also times for parties and wedding.

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift? Or a way to add a little “you just stand here” to your home decor? I know don’t why I’m questions – of course you are!
A DIY vase like this would also work for parties or wedding centerpieces. Although, unless you love brights, so I’ll probably want to go with a different color palette (please e-mail me to the best friends, if you have this at your wedding).
It took about ten minutes, this minus dry time, so if you need more, it won’t take long at all. Scroll down to see how I managed that.
you can Decorate a Dollar store Vase
Collect These Supplies

$1 vase from Dollar Tree
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Scrapbook-paper – a sheet of
paper flowers – the coordination of the
craft glue
utility knife

Start with a clear glass vase as well as paper and embellishments.
measure and then cut your paper to fit your vase – I cut the paper a little shorter, so that the glass peaking would be at each end.
you Let a little of the length, horizontally, so you have some overlap, after you Mod hodgepodge (but not too much, try for 1/8″).
place a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of the paper. Work quickly so that the Mod-hodgepodge doesn’t dry before you put the vase down (you’ll have bubbles!).
you Place the vase down and start to roll – to smooth as you go. Use your hands to smooth thoroughly. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.
best hand to seal the outside of the vase with two coats of Mod conglomeration, to. Let dry.
Use the craft glue to glue the ribbon to the top and bottom of the cover where the paper meets the glass.
Add the flowers and buttons with craft glue. Let dry.
, Which took hardly any time at all, and now you are the proud owner of a bright DIY vase.

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