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Decorate a Compact Make-up with Comic-book-paper -

Decorate a compact make-up with comic-book-scrapbook-paper! This is a fun and easy craft and a great gift idea. Get the tutorial here.

I’ve been really into comic books and action movies lately. So it’s no wonder that I pounced on a cool stack of comics-inspired scrapbooking paper, when I found it on the rack at my favorite craft store.
My favorite page in particular from it is filled with the iconic BAM, SPLAT and OOF reactions that you find in comics. What I would do with this awesome paper for a craft project?
of Course, I needed a place to show it, and as I have a boring powder noticed compact in my purse to show signs of age, I found my canvas.
Decorating a Make-up Compact

scrapbooking paper (any design is ok – I love this comic stuff I found!!!)
Antique Matte Mod hotchpotch
sponge paint brush
acrylic sealant (optional)

Trace your compact, your favorite 2 sections in your scrapbooking paper and cut them out.

Paint a layer of Antique Matte Mod smorgasbord on one side of the compact, and put a paper circle, feed it to you like however, the.
Remember that when you compact, it could read, upside-down – or right side up – depending on how you’ve placed a circle!

Paint another layer of Mod smorgasbord on the dry side of your placed paper circle.
Let them dry, and repeat the Mod-hodgepodge, circle placement, Mod collection and drying again.
If you feel like your finished compact is a little sticky to the touch, you can use it to seal with acrylic spray, but that’s entirely optional.
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