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Decorate a Canvas bag with a substance in Three steps

You can! decorate a canvas bag with your favorite fabric in three steps I made a fun DIY beach tote for summer pool trips. It’s SO simple!

I love a big bag, or two, around this time of year. Summer-seem to require adventure often, that is a great bag, isn't it? Therefore, this decoupage is the bag!
Cheap canvas tote bags from the craft store are fun to decorate for the summer. Did you know you can cut them with your favorite fabric? I made a fun tote for my summer pool trips using a retro surfer-inspired fabric I found. I loved the scene depicted on the fabric and the mix of blues and red. Fun and beachy!
only one panel of this fabric is adhered to the dead . . . but I thought strips of the material could be more fun and interesting. Want to see how a?
Decorate a Canvas bag
Supplies used:

Medium-sized canvas bag
Lightweight fabric
Mod patchwork fabric
Rotary cutter
cutting Mat

both pre-wash and dry the tote, and decorative fabric. Cut an approximate square of the fabric, the fit on the side of the dead. Brush a layer of Mod hodgepodge over the section of fabric you want to use.
you Hang the cloth to dry.
With a ruler and the cutting Mat, clean and square up the fabric edges to the exact size you need to cover, the side of the dead. Cut about 1 inch strips that square. The Mod-hodgepodge, which you apply before you should make the fabric easy to cut without fraying.
brush a liberal coat of decoupage on the back of each strip and press each down on the dead, leaving a little space between each strip. Lay the strip to the bottom to create the pattern in the fabric. But a little variation, you can also gently can stagger the individual strips, so that the scene does not line up perfectly. It is up to you.
Once dry, brush another layer of Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the strip, too.
After all of the Mod-hodgepodge dries out, the bag can be used and washed. (If I kept washing me, the stripes, the dead, but some of the edges did pull a little. I just back up more decoupage them down.)
I love how the beachy fabric looks on my decoupage bag!
When you were a child in art class, paint it ever take a picture and then cut it into strips and reassemble the picture with stripes offset by other/marbled look of the original drawing?
I've done . . . and this approach is what inspired this decoupage bag. I like how the stripes of the Hawaii scene break a little, so that the effect is varied and abstract.
I have fun with this bag this summer . . . to take you don't want to decorate a canvas bag to the beach or pool?

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